The iconic Austrian 9mm full size pistol.
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Glock 17 5

I bought my first Glock (G17) over 20 years ago and have not purchased another type of centerfire handgun since. The G17 has been joined by a G26, G34 and a G21. All four guns have been rock solid accurate, reliable and user-friendly.

The G17 is the first generation with the pebble grip finish. The grip can get slippery with sweat, so I have added some skateboard tape, along with trijicon night sights.

The only issue I have encountered is two failure-to-feeds when shooting Blazer ammo (aluminum cases). Other than that, it has been flawless in reliability and accuracy. For defense ammo I use the Corbon 115gr +P ammo.

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Bill Morgan_54

Glock 17 4

No single handgun does it all but I've had a 17 for more than 30 years and it has never let me down. The addition of Plus 2 extensions to magazines makes it a twenty-shooter with one in the chamber. Even if the punier 9mm loads mean needing to "double tap," it should be adequate for anything short of all-out war. And with the ammo available today the 9mm is ballistically close to the .45ACP of WWII and Korea fame. Hydra Shok, Golden Saber and DRT frangible loads all function well and have respectable stopping power. The pistol is accurate, durable, reliable and great to have around when seconds count--and the police are only minutes away!

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Glock 17 4

My only bitch on the 17 is that its a 9mm. Its probably a tad more accurate than my Glock (a .40 cal) and its just as damn reliable, but I need stopping power.

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