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Missionaries, who go to other countries, seeking to convert "the savages"Get Rating Widget!

Overall Rating: 2.36 based on 22 ratings

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Reviews for Missionaries, who go to other countries, seeking to convert "the savages"  1-18 OF 18

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HistoryFan (87)
Nowadays, modern missionaries don't refer to these people as savages because they aren't. They do spread the word of God, however, they also provide medical attention, education, and skills to help these people adapt further to their environment.

As my pastor said, no one really comes to Christ through force. If the natives don't want to accept Christ, then that's fine. No one is forcing them to commit.
Vudija (97)
I'm all for helping people in these countries, but that kind of "help" isn't really going to benefit them in any way that they actually need it. If the missionaries are there for the sole purpose of bringing supplies for a better life, medical help etc, I am all for that. If the person is only there to convert people, without helping them in any other way though, then I will not condone it. There is no reason to try to change the faith and tradition of these people, they are fine (on that front) without it. They need more than faith to get them through their lives.3
Djahuti (57)
If you want to help other humans,GREAT-but your "help" should never be a bribe or way to coerce them out of their own Tradition.3
StanUzbeck (15)
Look on the bright side. Sometimes the missionaries' heads end up on poles.4
irishgit (122)
The few of these I have met have been ignorant, arrogant, anal-retentive twits, who could use some conversion themselves. Into human beings for a start.6
RunsWithWhiteWolves (7)
Well this is how this counry was made becaues the white man cooed not be happy were they came from.1
Flick01 (77)
As another reviewer has stated, the term savages is not used by missionaries and most likely hasn't been used for the better part of 100 years. I get the feeling that some people are under the mistaken impression that missionary work consists of a guy standing on a tree stump reading Bible verses to some tribesmen who would rather be out hunting for dinner. Modern missionary work involves many areas of need. Missionaries will bring improved and modern farming methods which helps to improve the quality and output of crops. Missionary built and sponsored clinics and hospitals bring much needed vaccines and medical treatments, schools run by missionaries gives the younger generation a better chance of a more prosperous life. Missionaries also will work with other organizations such as the Peace Corp to help bring electricity to remote areas. Because we are so fortunate to live in a part of the world where we can take things for granted we often forget that there are people who lack anything above what could be considered the minimum for survival. Standing on a tree stump and screaming out Bible verses does nothing to improve anyone's life. But the people who are on the receiving end of missionary help often develop a desire to know more of God's word once they have seen God's love in action. I do not find missionaries annoying in the least.7
Solenoid DH (21)
I've got a lot of missionary friends, and not one of them looks at these people as savages. They look at them as people God created. They work with these people, help them build buildings, help them plant gardens, and teach them things. They write me letters, telling me of their friends in other lands, often referring to them by name. Some hate to even come back to the U.S., because they love the ones they are now living and working with. Christian missionaries don't annoy me. I'd be a better person if I were more like them. (now, if you're referring to cult groups here in our country, who come knocking on your door and try to push their way inside to impose their views on you, that's another story).7
IgnatiusJReilly (79)
Yes, SkiZero, there are those that still do this. There was a case not to long ago about Moron, er, Mormon, missionaries that got kidnapped while on a mission in the Former Soviet Union. Never mind the fact that the Russian people have a proud and long heritage in the Orthodox church, dating back a thousand years, the mormons are going to convert them to there false religion of just about 100 years. There are still missionaries who travel to Africa, and anywhere else in the world to preach and convert. We even are plauged with them here in the United States. They are called Jehovah's Witness'es. They'll preach to you at any and every opportunity they get. I have been attacked while waiting at a bus stop (every Saturday morning for months before I stopped being polite and starting shouting at them to leave me the hell alone!), while pumping gas, just walking down the street (I took one of there stupid WATCHTOWER magazines and tore it up and threw it in her face!), waiting outside a library, while Christmas shopping, and even once while waiting to see Pope John Paul II in downtown Phoenix. These people are relentless and must be stopped before they annoy again. 2
Skizero (12)
are people still doing this? i just thought conservatives were trying to tame liberals in america now with Jesus.3
kamylienne (77)
(2=greatly annoying) These people mean well in the bottom of their hearts, I believe, but they don't seem to see that the people don't WANT some other religion shoved down their throats. I could imagine it's like having Jehovah's Witnesses living with you 24/7, instead of just knocking on our doors once in a while . . . 4
LadyShark4534 (13)
I can't stand people who force their views on other people because they percieve their way or the highway. Missionaries annoy me endlessly.3
forgotten hero (13)
These people go to foreign countries and try to basically destroy cultures that are almost dead when we should be preserving them. Where in the bible does it say that we all have to be the same? Why can't we be individuals?9
tjm626 (0)
These people have a lot of nerve to go into strange places and try to force their beliefs on others. I would be fibbing if I said i didn't get a sick thrill when I hear about them getting murdered.5
freebird_0128 (5)
While I agree that some of these missionaries can be pushy with their morals, the majority I have met have only worked for good causes. They have been kind, amazingly giving people who, while they are sharing their own personal message, often give food and clothing, build shelters and teach the basics of learning. So therefore the only way these people could annoy me is because they're often much better people than I myself am.3
Enkidu (40)
Ignorant and insolent. I think we need some missionaries over here from cultures and religions that practice non-war, non-exploitation, and non-arrogance.6
abichara (57)
The majority of missionaries I've known are people who simply want to make the world a better place by giving food and medicine to people who don't have any. Many of these people are very selfless; they give up comfortable lives to help out those who are less fortunate in the world. They are the ones who live the ultimate Christian ideal and they will always have my admiration. Now obviously history is loaded with example of missionaries who go to underdeveloped areas to minister to the population. Look at colonial Latin America in the 16th Century or the European land grabs in Asia and Africa in the 19th Century for abundant examples of this. These types are arrogant elitists who think their way of life is the best one. Unfortuately people use religion as a means to show superiority over other people. They don't reflect the views of the vast majority of people who do hold Christian values. Hypocrisy and arrogance are not values that Christ taught.6
scarletfeather (39)
These do-gooders are so sure that Christianity is right for everybody, not realizing that the savages may have their own religion that sustains them. Don't get me wrong-I think it's great to go to Third World Countries to provide food and medical aid, but I don't think we should seek to convert these unfortunates to Christianity.6
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