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Overall Rating: 3.19 based on 16 ratings
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Ollie9 (0)
Spiders rock man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GenghisTheHun (164)
About thirty years ago we had the Brown Recluse Spider scare that the morons in the media were spreading at the time. It seems that every week some poor mope got bitten by the BRS and met a grisly fate. Then the press moved on to something else, maybe sightings of Elvis or something.

If an ordinary spider bites you, you often get a welt.
irishgit (123)
The areas where these are a serious problem are relatively localized. Where I live there are three kinds of biting spiders, and two of them are extremely rare. The third is unaggressive and not particularly toxic anyway.
I hate spiders. i live in manchester so the spiders near me are harmless but tarantulars are very dangerous and id hate to come face to face with one.
HistoryFan (92)
Some of the tiny spiders are good because they eat the ants that come into your home. Tarantulas are the worst, however, some people keep them as pets.
Jamie McBain (37)
I hate pretty much all spiders, even the big ones.
texasyankee (20)
I say that there are quite a few very harmful spiders in the world. The local, most harmful one of the U.S. being the brown recluse. The worst part of it is, it can be transported in deliveries and bite an unsuspected northerner, hard to know it was a brown recluse until it's almost too late. Very harmful to children and babies. Can kill them much quicker than an adult.
peteywheatstraw (0)
The wandering spider in Brazil is among the worst, its huge, aggressive and very venomous. It kills about a 1000 people a year.
Charlie123 (0)
I'm from Australia and we have the Red Back Spider which can be lethal - although since the anitvenom was introduced hasn't been. However we also have the Funnel Web, and that is reeeallly poisonous and can be quite common depending where you live. I used to live right near the bush, and it wasn't unusual to have them walking through the cat door looking for a mate or some chow.
excelsior30 (8)
Just the Black widow, the brown recluse and rarely, the tarantula. That's all, but other than that in the US, they are insect stinging eaters, however by what Chauncey had said, they are quite deadly if you are in another country.
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