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Overall Rating:2.40 based on 48 ratings
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Alicia finished ninth on 'Survivor: The Austalian Outback.' (Add picture)

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KittysickRIA (51)
The only thing that Alicia knows how to do is wave that fat finger. She didn't have real alliance until day 29.

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SurvivorGirl (0)
I watched Alicia on Australia, and her personality (or character) didn't really shine through as much in Australia. In the All Stars, she comes across as more of a Type-A personality (or character). She also comes across as lacking in strategic intelligence, willing to accept whatever placement comes her way and pissed off when she gets voted off. You can't aimlessly drift through life then be upset that you didn't get what you wanted.

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Maomania (1)
I likes Alicia. She was sassy. Not the best Survivor player every. Her strategy was poor but I enjoyed watching her. I think she did allright.

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miguana (0)
Highly overrated, maybe if there was a bench press challenge she'd clean up but Survivor challenges require some agility, coordination, or intelligence, things she is lacking. No work ethic, no survival skills, no strategy, lousy sportsmanship, and to top it all off in any post-boot interviews she was completely incapable of recognizing any of these shortcomings let alone just admitting that all along she was nothing but Rob M' s bitch, much like Big Tom was.

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EZohnLuvr (0)
I think Alicia was just being a sore loser. She was the same way in Survivor: The Australian Outback. I think she would have gotten even further in the game if she hadn't lost her temper with Shii Ann.

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BugahaNE (20)
I think the cameras and airtime always seem to show her negative side. I love Alicia, if Survivor was actually about mental and physical prowess, actually surviving, she would have won. She was not really into the backstabbing and alliances which the show is really about.

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abodenhamer (0)
Mad at the World

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Count Jacula (0)
She may be a bit stuffy, but she was one of the main reasons I tuned in to watch every week. She is hot as hell! I hope she decides to pose in playboy someday.

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Mac166 (2)
Alicia, thanks for being one of the idiots who didn't play the game and just followed along. But, oh wait, who would expect people to actually strategize on All Stars?

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rdubesq (0)
What a wench.....was the main requirement for this show people who think their poop smells liek roses?

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Majibb (1)
What an arrogant bitch, does she think she's better than everyone? Jenna admitted to her mistakes, why did you have to rub it her face? I hope your mom gets cancer for a while to see how you would deal with it.

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CherrySoda99 (31)
She's strong. A bit of a drama queen like Rob said, but still a good player. Not too many enimies, so that should work to her advantage.

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Frank15 (0)
No more spats with Kimmi this time, I'm afraid. On the upside, that's all the better for you! Good strong likable player!

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