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The Cruising Guide to Newfoundland (Landfall Navigation)$39.95
Newfoundland (Overstock.com)$17.44
Newfoundland 12 x 18 inch (United States flag)$2.20
Newfoundlands 2008 Wall Calendar (Calendars.com)$12.99
Lecture on the Aborigines of Newfoundland (Dodo Press) (Cokesbury.com)$10.99

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saltwatercowboy (0)
To all those who were pleased with Newfoundland & Labrador, you're welcome. To those who weren't, thats too bad. I've lived here for 31 years , been to most parts of the island portion of the province and to the coast of Labrador, and would not want to be anywhere else in the world. I've been across Canada and the States for holidays and had some great experiences. Met wonderful people and seen beautiful landscapes. In saying that , I'll also say that those who did not like it here " ye can go kiss me arse ya be'jeezus ol' bugger". " Piss off an go min' yer own business". If you had a rotten time here it must have been the fact that people thought you were an "arsehole".

On that note all are welcome anytime but if you're bringing the likes of those who don't have anything kind to say well you can come but leave that feller where he belongs, out in the cold. As my grandfather used to say " his mudder shoulda eat he when he's bones where still soft".

First round at the bar is on me!
Canarican (0)
As someone who has lived in Newfieland for 7 years I gotta say it absolutly blows up there. So many state that it is the "most beautiful place on earth" well not really. For the majority of the year it is damp and gloomy and not to mention the winter is almost unbareable, especially when you live in towns that are consisted of rumor mills and moronic people who literaly rape the english language, I know some will say that its the provincial slang but what they speak is beyond slang. Another thing alot on this message board mention is this hospitality that newfies portray, BULLSHIT! ive known more degrading assholes than I have warm caring people on that island that would act friendly with you one minute and kicking you in the ass the next. Not to mention they are some of the biggest chicken shits to ever roam the earth. They will constantly talk about how much better they are than other provinces like Alberta and Ontario when the fact of the matter is they couldn't hold a candle to any other province and are just bitter and jealous that other provinces have a more presentable economy and a higher intellect than theres, which is pretty hipocritical seeing as for the most part there own province can't even provide employment for them so they search else to find it in the very provinces they talk down upon, they even have the highest poverty ratio in all of Canada and its not like they are trying to improve that because the majority of newfoundlanders are just to lazy to do anything about it and would rather stay at home and live off tax payers dollars. Newfoundland is the last place anyone should consider visiting and besides, what really is there worth visiting? Please Newfoundland do Canada a favor, become independt from us and float on some where in the ocean never to be heard from again.
Jed1000 (72)
I'm surprised no Canadian has stepped in to correct us as yet but this province (since December of 2001) is properly called "Newfoundland and Labrador." Only been there once and I thought it was one of the most beautiful places I'd ever seen.
Barube (0)
I am calling on all Canadians to Boycott Newfoundland. Williams has a 'have their cake and eat it too' attitude with regards to oil revenue. Danny Williams is the new Lucien Bouchard in trying to divide the country. As their population slips below 500000, their federal seats should be cut to 5 from 7.
D Brewer Originally from Corner Brook.
bogobogo (0)
It's funny all this talk about the fog. I've lived in St. John's for 3 years and have hardly noticed fog except when I go to Signal Hill. What I have seen is lots of rain, and a slight warm period that extends from July to mid-September.
GenghisTheHun (162)
You have to hand it to Newfoundland. It keeps going. It does not have many advantages, and the mainstay of its economy is and has been in slow decline. It's main resource is the hardy people who inhabit the place. Maybe some day something will develop to encourage people to stay.
imbringingsexyback (0)
Not all nflders are nice. I was born here, but i lived in Alberta for most of my life. I have got to say, when i moved back down here, i have never met such rude people in my life. They all hated me because i was different. They did not accept me for my individual differences at all. The girls were the worst, they were jealous of me and between about 25 of them they made the biggest wad of gum i have ever seen. They threatened to put it in my hair so i would have to get my hair cut. It was nasty. I was only 13 at the time and i was treated like $hit. The rumors and the dirty looks were ridiculous. After about 2 months, everything calmed down a bit and one by one they came to me and appologized for the way they acted, and some of them are my close friends today.
GoogleGuru (0)
Newfoundland is a beautiful tourist destination. The people are friendly, there's lots to see and do in St. John's and around other cities. It has a very distinct culture and people that can teach you about that. Newfoundland isn't one of those places with 8 million people, but I'm sure you'll love it. =)
mrreview (0)
A beautiful place. Newfoundland has excellent scenery, lots to do, friendly people and other great things. Fog and rain? Yeah, if you go to St. John's, but I saw some beautiful weather in Twillingate. Seriously, people can't quit with the seal hunting thing. Do you not kill animals in the states? Is everyone vegetarian? We don't club them and we don't kill baby seals in the first place. It's a source of income for Newfoundlanders, not exactly a lot of work here.
mdguineapigguy (0)
Newfoundland has to be one of the most fascinating, unique places I've ever been to. The scenery is breathtaking and the people, though quirky, are some of the friendliest, most hospitable, colorful folks you'll ever want to meet. The place has a very rich cultural history and it's a shame it is so often overlooked by travelers because it does have so much to offer. If only they'd stop the damn seal hunting, it really would be the perfect place to be!
Patey6 (0)
I live in Newfoundland and it's usually pretty good here, alot of fog and rain, but nice people. I find people usually aren't as laid back anywhere else. It's little dull sometimes, but i think that happens everywhere. And contrary to popular belief we're not all club weilding seal killers. Nor did we evolve from sludge. BOYCOTTNEWFIELAND you are a predjudice jacka$$. I'll bet you couldn't even find Newfoundland on a map.
Sharp (1)
Nothing significant, no hockey team, well, maybe something Viking things, but i dunno....
Newfoundland - the err... land of the Newfie baby-seal-killing-scumbag. These stupid, incoherent, illiterate human terds were born from genetic sludge - they are a true waste of human skin. BOYCOTT NEWFOUNDLAND, CANADA! BOYCOTT CANADIAN SEAFOOD!
irishgit (121)
Cold and misty and bereft of an economy as it may be, I have a soft spot for Newfoundland. It has a rugged and defiant charm that is very easy to fall for. The people are as rugged as their home, with a sense of humour and carrying on unmatched anywhere in Canada, and perhaps in North America. It's no accident that the province has produced a disproportional ratio of Canada's comics, musicians, actors and other entertainers, not to mention some of the strangest politicians ever to walk the earth.
pennyroyalty (3)
Hands down the most amazing place in the world. and liddlebopeep we'd rather not have your type here, anyway.
erlking (0)
One of the most unique and interesting parts of Canada . . . . probably because it is its most recent addition (1949)
StanUzbeck (14)
That's it, CastleBee, take the moral high ground, not that you have anything at stake you arrogant jacka$$. I have never been to Newfoundland but it produces such cool people that it must be doing something right.
CastleBee (80)
Now, see how this works…someone has something mean to say about Newfoundlanders, then a Newfoundlander stumbles onto it and comes on to tell us how nice it is in Newfoundland - except it can’t quite be done without saying something nasty about the United States (always open season here apparently). Now, as a U.S. citizen I suppose you might expect me to now want throw a few barbs at Canada. Yet, I don’t really feel inclined to. Actually, I may venture up there some day in spite of a lot of silly remarks I’ve read about both our countries. With the shape the world is in today I do not understand why everyone seems to want to create more bad feelings – especially when we all know that you are as likely to find a broad range of human behavior any and everywhere on this shrinking little globe we call home.
H[]T_Rodgers (0)
The reason why Nefoundland is the best place in the world to visit is because you don't have to worry about crime, natural disasters, or people being inconcederate, rude, obnoxious, violent, disrespectful, and cruel. You won't find none of those things in Newfoundland, just pleasant and kind people willing to help you out in anyway they can. that's why the U.S sucks because its the opposite of Newfoundland...or the rest of Canada really. As for DickDirk I see you have a stereotype for people. I bet anybody from Newfoundland is smarter and better looking than you'll ever be...unless you spent a whack of money on plastic surgery.
Arebus Man (0)
Ooh...Darn't! The Newfies..I mean Newfoundlanders are last again! Although I'm from Ontario, it's hard not to feel sorry for them. Anywhere in Canada is pretty darn good anyway!
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