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Mike Mcready
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Doctor of Madness (19)
Judging from his work with Butterfield, Al Kooper, and by himself, he was as good as they come. Had he not lost the battle with his inner demons, he could have been at the top of the list. There is no denying his greatness.

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portecrayon (11)

Mike Bloomfield took the Blues from the Black blues masters and made it accesable to all. Mike is an important link in the lineage of R&R;/Blues Guitar playing.

Check out his smoking playing on Paul Butterfield's Blue Band album East/West! I do not recall anyone playing improvisationally Prior to Mike and you would think the Dead invented this type of playing but it was Mike! Need more proof listen to the Electric Flag or Mikes work with Bob Dylan.

Mike Bloomfield is Guitar Legend of the Highest Order and is directly resposnible for influencing countless guitar players around the world!

Anything less than Five Stars from a rateitall reviewer is UNSAT!

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oscargamblesfro (86)
A very good blues player who also played with Dylan. Good stuff with the Butterfield Blues Band and on Al Kooper's "Super Session" and its followup. The Electric Flag was an unwieldy/ uneven band with egos but lots of talent, and some of that material was very good, and that act was pretty diverse and strayed from merely playing blues- they did psychedelia, soul, and other things too. Overdosed in '81, and while he's kind of dropped from most discussions of the great ones, there was a time when he was way up the lists of great rock/ blues players

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rockerrreds (7)
At one point(before Clapton)cosidered the best rock guitarist in the world.

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speedoj (0)
Bloomfield is unquestionably the greatest guitarist of all time.I wouldnt be here playing music without his virtuosity and genius.He took blues guitar playing and elevated it to a level not seen before or since.2 years ago,I recorded a tribute record to him which is available on cdbaby.com.I almost played with him in 1979,andit is my mission to keep his music alive.
Speedo Harmonica Jones

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Robbo59 (13)
After the great Peter Green (of the original Fleetwood Mac) Mike Bloomfield was arguably the best blues/rock player of Jewish heritage. He was also one of the finest guitar players of any stripe during his stints with 'The Paul Butterfield Blues Band' and the short lived 'Electric Flag.' With Butterfield, Bloomberg teamed with Elvin Bishop recording two classic albums in "The Paul Butterfield Blues Band" (1965) and "East-West" (1966) before moving into a more soul influenced direction for the following album ("Resurrection of Pigboy Crenshaw in 1967), departing to join 'Electric Flag' late in 1967, and finally venturing off as a solo artist in 1968. Bloomfield enhanced his reputation via a collaboration with Al Kooper which featured him on one side and Stephen Stills on the opposite side of a live recording called "Super Session." Bloofield was a master at interpreting urban blues music but, beset by personal demons, let drugs and psychlogical problems hamstring both his personal life and professional career. His life was cut short in February of 1981 leaving him to appear as a mere footnote in the history of an industry that, had he been better able to cope with his problems, may have one day canonized him as an inovator and intrepter of an idiom in the same way as the afforementioned Green and his predecessor in the English blues scene, Eric Clapton.

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