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vesuvius (0)
buckethead might be the most talented guitarist ive ever seen/heard.  i think he puts ppl off with his weirdness tho.1
majorreynolds (0)
A real clown. Not to be taken seriously.1
indians98 (0)
Spelled wrong, it's Buckethead, but anyway, he's amazing. Songs such as Nottingham Lace (look it up on youtube) and Jordan show how amazing he is.0
buckethead (0)
Buckethead is the greatest guitarist ever. He can play anything, and do it really good. I have hours and hours of his live material and all of his albums. I've never heard a guitarist that can do what he can do. His technique is impeccable. He can play "things" that are very different than any other person. He also has lots of feel in his more serious songs. I have listened to all the greats from the past Hendrix, Page, Clapton Etc Etc and Buckethead makes them look bad. 0
watergrass (1)
From a guitar magazine voting him one of the weirdest guitar players in history. I decided to check this dude out. I went out and bought the album 'Electric Tears' boy does it makes me want to cry. It was so sweet! Even though he's not really my cup of tea musically,EVH will always be my all time fav. but Buckethead still is one kick-ass SOB when it comes to playing his shit. I figured it was worth the bucks. 2
untouchable3675 (0)
Buckethead is the gbreatest guitarist ever. Not only could he shred some amazingingly fast solos but he could create beautiful music1
mynameismud (0)
hes awesome and the masses dont no it cuz wall mart and target and stuff dont even sell his cds. btw his name is brian carrol1
choppystick66die (0)
listen to the album 'electric tears' it will make you cry. So sweet. 1
heninapen78u (0)
he's a freak but he's pretty good. I wonder who's behind the mask? This guy should be in the top 20.3
Chrisrianna (3)
When he left Guns 'N Roses that was it for me, besides who is he anyway.1
Gromit (2)
Get a real name and a real band! 'Buckethead' sucks bad.0
Devon197666 (0)
mediocre guitarist. good riffs, but Slash could kick his a** any day.1
Oh Please!!1
Saronix (0)
He needs more credit, hes an EXPERIMENTAL guitar player. And has made more crazy arrangements and weirdness with the guitar then almost any other experimental guitar player.0
Djahuti (52)
Crazy but Brilliant.This guy is definately out there but he's got SKILLS!!!2
uneek (0)
He isnt as well known as I think he should be, this guy is AWESOME and have over 3 hours of him playing the guitar DLed. hes amazing.1
Althea (0)
He's a flashback to the big hair days and a pretty decent guitarist, but you have to assume that somebody going through such great effort to disguise himself with such a white trash gag is probably already a well known guitarist that doesn't want people to know he's playing with such f...ups now.0
StanUzbeck (13)
This guy makes me want to quit the guitar. He is so far ahead of anyone else, or maybe it's more appropriate to say that he's so far sideways of everyone else, that I am blown away every time I hear his weird, avant-garde noodling. The only thing keeping him back, in my opinion, is that he is not much of a collaborator - he doesn't seem to fit in well within a band scenario - he just never stops soloing. He also wears a white Kabuki mask and a KFC bucket on his head (it's not just a name you know). Legend has it he was raised by chickens in a chicken coop, but I guarantee he wasn't. Nobody really knows his real identity, but my guess is he's the alter-ego of Steve Vai. Just a guess.2
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