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Overall Rating: 3.62 based on 58 ratings
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dtj369 (0)
The most variety of landscapes. Lakes, ocean, mountains, desert, islands. Remember Lord of the Rings, it is very similar to New Zealand.
kittykatya (0)
i love the everchanging topography of this place.. from the temperate rainforest of vancouver island, to the desserts of the okanagan valley, to the verdant grasslands of the caribou. BC never fails to amaze me with its neverending beauty. kelowna in the summertime is true paradise!! the friendliest / most laid back of all the provinces. if planning a trip to BC, there are three cities i'd recommend visiting. nelson (for its charm/skiing), victoria (for the whale-watching) and vernon (for the wineries/lakes).
Sharp (1)
When i went there, all i saw was rows and rows of rain
caphillsea77 (29)
British Columbia is good for the soul. It has an unbelievably diverse range of climate and topography. One of my fondest memories in my life was rollerblading in Stanley Park along the seawall. You can skate for several miles of waterfront with stunning views of the postmodern skyline, harbor, mountains, greenery, forests with big beautiful trees. A well kept secret is Tofino. It's a magical little town on the Pacific coast of Vancouver Island. There is great hiking through rain forest trails with dense green moss and huge trees, rocky coastline and broad sandy beaches with churning Pacific surf and magnificent sunsets (if your lucky enough to see one)Visiting theses parts is hit or miss with weather as it sees a lot rain and gray skies. And then you have world class skiing at Whistler hosting the 2010 olympics. BC is a young place in time and it fastly putting itself on the world map. In the future BC will shine. I'm a Massachuestts native living in Seattle and I've had the fortune of living close to BC and in spite of the dreary weather when the sun comes out I can't think of a nicer place to be.
irishgit (120)
A huge and hard to define place, its terrain includes rainforest, desert, steppe, boreal forest and mountains. Perhaps this is why it's inhabitants are equally hard to define. Winters in the southwest are the mildest in Canada, and in the north are among the harshest. The place is also beset with politicians that would disgrace Tammany Hall, and from a variety of factions that make the French Chamber of Deputies look like a monolithic state.
observer (0)
Vancouver is absolutely stunning - when the weather is good! I lived there for 12 months, and for 10 of those months, it was grey and drizzled rain and you couldn't see the mountains. If you go for a holiday, it is essential that you go when the weather is at it's best. Otherwise you'll be very disappointed.
lalalalalalalalalala (0)
Rains...and that's about it...
buckeyerob (0)
Beautiful place. Has both a European and Western flavor to it. Victoria is incredible. Liked Kamloops just for the name. Great scenery and Stanley Park in Vancouver. Very permissive with regards to the Wacky Tabacky which is always a good thing.
MoBiBu (0)
Chronic pot smokers and out-of-touch environmental activists - the best thing about vacationing in B.C. is you don't have to LIVE there! The residents think they live in a utopia, deserve utopia, yet watch helplessly as immigrants buy Vancouver out from under them!
Blanco~Nino (1)
best province by far. it has every geographical feature you could ask for. also has a good climate and great people. if someone can find something truthfully bad about british columbia, i'd pay them. it can't be done.
Enkidu (37)
Some of the most sublime mountains and rain forests I have ever seen. Unforgettable. Even some of the small towns had a level of sophistication and energy I wasn't expecting ... and Vancouver is a gorgeous city, perhaps the jewel of Canada.
CherrySoda99 (29)
Too big.
StanUzbeck (14)
The mountains are beautiful. There are three basic classes of people that live there: Hippies, Yuppies, and Chinese people. Although they produce the most marijuana in Canada, it is far from the best. Manitoba weed is the most potent in the country, though I guess American tourists wouldn't know the difference, and B.C. residents are so smugly sure of themselves that they wouldn't bother to try any other regional variants before proclaiming theirs as the best. But there is more to life than marijuana, and scenery, which is why B.C. gets a 2 out of 5.
jerryheilman (0)
Nice but not at the rediculous price? It's way to expensive to live out there!
gunner217 (0)
Go for the sexy ladies stay for the marijuana. I'm nicely toasted off coastal cronic right now actually.
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