Condor Electronics

Condor Electronics
125 N 36th St
Seattle ,  WA   98103
United States
Phone: (206) 633-5190
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brew58ski13388 e

Condor Electronics 1

This is a long story short. I brought in a guitar pedal board for a warranty fix for a company that they are an official service center for. They did the work BUT when I first used it after I got it back it would, at no particular time, shut off on it's own while the main power switch is still on. It did this alot. I told them about the problem and at first the attitude was they're not going to spend the $ it cost to fix it since it will be expensive and they don't know that they broke it. I had been using it for over a year, at least 4 hours a week, several hours at a time, with no power off problem. First time I use it after getting it back there's the problem. I have witnesses to this. They finally said they would look at it. They had 1 month to take care of the problem. They then claimed it never did what I described to them so it's fine BUT will fix it if I pay them. WTF? It's not broke but you'll fix it if I pay you?!?!? Avoid at all costs. One thing I know about this particular problem is it is caused by sloppy work around sensitve circuits and circuit boards. He even said it was probably casued by a broken trace in one of the circuit boards. Avoid at all costs. They may fix your stuff but if they break something else in the process, you're out of luck.

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