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Earl Warren (1953-1969)Get Rating Widget!

Overall Rating:3.23 based on 22 ratings
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Reviews for Earl Warren (1953-1969)  1-4 OF 4

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NJtoTX (1)
Best court there was - so many social injustices addressed. Loses 1 star due to the travesty of the Warren Commission on the assassination of John Kennedy.

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GenghisTheHun (168)
Moron! This shows what happens when you pay off political debts with important positions. I doubt this guy ever thought about the court system before he was appointed. He is a disaster for the rule of law in the USA, instead substituting the rule of an elite.

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callitdowntheline75 (53)
To say Earl Warren was not a great Chief Justice is a crime. Earl Warren was, after John Marshall and Charles Evans Hughes, the greatest ever Chief Justice. Blessed with a powerful mind and unmatched political skills, he led a Court which featured brilliant minds (and egos). He may have not been smarter than some of his associate brethren, but Warren was the unquestioned head of his Court and proceeded to influence the Court in landmark cases such as Mapp v. Ohio, Miranda v. Arizona, and Gideon v. Wainright. Warren's efficient style as Court manager was evident early, as he used his political background as Governor of California to influence previous segrationalist stalwarts like Justice Stanley F. Reed to bend to his will, thereby effecting the greatest decision since Marbury: Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka. His place in history intact, Warren is an icon in the annals of the Supreme Court.

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rainer21 (0)
brown v. board of education. need i say more?

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