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Roger Taney (1836-1864)Get Rating Widget!

Overall Rating:2.50 based on 10 ratings
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Reviews for Roger Taney (1836-1864)  1-5 OF 5

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irishgit (135)

A brilliant mind, and an excellent jurist. Looking at the body of work, it is clear that he made many great contributions to American Jurisprudence.

Unfortunately, there is also "Dred Scott," and while it can be fairly said, as a reviewer below has done, that "the law is the law," and while I would further state that it is manifestly unfair to judge someone by the standards of a society a century hence, it is nonetheless a decision which taints a fine legacy.

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GenghisTheHun (168)
Modern Monday Morning Quarterbacks will snivel over Dred Scott decision. At the time, the law was the law. Taney was a man of his times in an area of strife and upheaval. He did a better than average job and approaches greatness.

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Hanseatic (0)
Hardened racist and bigot.

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callitdowntheline75 (51)
Roger Brooke Taney will forever be tainted by his opinion in Dred Scott v. Sanford. This one opinion arguably led to the Civil War's outbreak only three years later, and crippled what had been this respected Chief Justice's legacy of judicial excellence. But historians have rightfully overlooked this one gross misjudgment, instead focusing on his entire career as a great Chief Justice who was highly regarded by his brethren for his leadership and conference skills. He was further handicapped by the fact he followed John Marshall on the center seat. But to read Taney's other opinions, such as in the Charles River Bridge case, is to understand how great he was. Nevertheless, the Dred Scott decision still hurts.

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tigrreye (0)
I liked the Charles River Bridge case but he turned into a racist psycho after that. He did have a tough act to follow after John Marshall but overall Taney was just evil.

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