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"Is everybody all right?" (Bobby Kennedy, after being shot by Sirhan Sirhan, 1968)Get Rating Widget!

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Reviews for "Is everybody all right?" (Bobby Kennedy, after being shot by Sirhan Sirhan, 1968)  1-15 OF 15

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irishgit (121)
I've always found it interesting that the last words of this savage little streetfighter, who played to take no prisoners, and asked no quarter, was concern for others. It makes me think that there was good somewhere in the Kennedy clan.13
Jimmie (2)
I've always heard that his last words were: Teddy, Mary Jo is easy! Beelzebub, it little matters if it were Mary Jo or Marilyn, the man was an adulterer. Why people idolize this criminal family is beyond me. Additionally why does Mass. keep returning his drunken buffoon of a little brother to the Senate?2
Beelzebub (1)
So sad. Here was a guy with brass ones who had it all in front of him. Jimmie, you should be ashamed; Mary Jo wasn't his daliance, it was Marilyn. Also, the weird but long-lived rumor in Edgartown and Hy'port is that Ted had no idea she was in the car and was covering up for someone or something unknown. Intriguing, huh?3
hoistman (1)
Makes me weep, when i hear that pharse. All we have now now is dumbo and the High Dolly High crowd. So much lies today, makes one long for the return of Caligula. 4
spunde (0)
Damn! I Wonder what would have happened if he never was killed.1
Narg (0)
Sucky :(0
numbah16tdhaha (137)
At least he cared about people.7
Aurielle (18)
Wow. Bobby Kennedy's death was before my time, but these words were so poignant when I read them here that I almost cried. It's amazing that he was more concerned about those around him than of himself. 5
Enkidu (38)
Poignant; his first thought--and likely his last--was for other people. Not an ordinary politician, it seems.4
scarletfeather (36)
Robert Kennedy was mortally wounded, but instead of being concerned about himself, he was concerned about others. How many of us could be so unselfish? Robert Kennedy certainly wasn't perfect, but he had a big heart, and he was certainly superior to his more flawed male family members.6
abichara (55)
Bobby Kennedy might have been one of the toughest SOB's in politics, but at least he showed concern about society, especially towards the end of his career. Incredible that he cared enough to ask if everyone was fine after he was mortally wounded.7
Redoedo (39)
Truly moving and a testament to the fact that Bobby Kennedy, despite his faults, had more personal integrity than most of his male family members. To be lying there dying and concerned more about everyone else than yourself says a lot about a man.5
magellan (129)
I don't know much about Bobby Kennedy, but I think it says volumes if a guy absorbs a mortal wound and thinks only of others. RIP.8
CastleBee (79)
This really breaks my heart.7
Cobalt (0)
Grace under pressure. 5
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