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I adjust and refine my opinions when they start to conflict with those of my friends on RIA.

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Reviews for I adjust and refine my opinions when they start to conflict with those of my friends on RIA.  1-20 OF 21  ( NEXT 20)

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I don’t give a rat’s ass what the rest of you thin
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CanadaSucks (38)
I'm laughing. . .hilarious. . .5
Indierocker (61)
not at all. it's ok to disagree, but if they are real friends they will respect your opinion even if it's opposite of thiers and you should respect theirs too.5
pugwash01 (13)

If my opinion/view is wrong, I normally start to feel bad/uncomfortable about what I have written. My desire then is to understand all views. If I'm at peace with myself I have no problem disagreeing with a person. But then again anyone who knows me knows that I'm a firm believer in forming your own views and convictions. I know I'm not offended if someone disagrees with me, as long as attitude does not step in!! So I would have to say no as I rely on my convictions and let them convict.

GeneXAgent (17)
Um...No. Besides, most of us think alike so it's not that much of an issue.4
Vudija (101)
Depends...are we referring to refining them for the sake of avoiding the conflict, or refining them because you learned something new in the midst of the debate? I won't change my opinion because someone else conflicts with it, but I AM willing to change/improve upon it if something new is introduced.3
numbah16tdhaha (136)
I got a few reviewers I call friends that I kinda like to antagonize, actually...4
IgnatiusJReilly (80)
IJR's opinions are perfection and IJR doesn't go around willy-nilly changing them just to make friends. If anything, more poeple should come to IJR's way of thinking, then the wholeworld would be a much better place!!

But seriously, there was a time when IJR got a little bit overzealous and mean-spirited, and another reviewer, who IJR considers a friend, pointed out the error of IJR's ways and IJR softened up on the subject and other things as well. But the main point of my opinion stayed the same, just theyway the message was delivered changed.
abichara (54)
You see, this kind of behavior happens everywhere. I see it in the workplace all the time. Most people are fence-sitters, they refuse to take a position until they see which direction things are going. This in my view differentiates the leaders from the followers. Leadership requires having good problem solving skills, then having the guts to make needed changes. You can't be a leader, or have a positive impact by just going with the flow. Take a position and defend it! 3
kattwoman (24)
ive been here a very short time so this isnt relative to me really but it wouldnt be an issue for me anyway. my friends here in my real world would say that i will say how i feel and that i would prefer they disagree with me then refine their opinions with mine0
Jar-Jar Binks (17)
I never have to do this because I don't have any friends on RIA. And I'd like to keep it that way.1
Enkidu (40)
PBeavr hit it on the head. This is actually quite common here (which is why I put it on the list in the first place). What is insidious is that people often don't even realize they are doing it.2
Donovan (109)
I would never do this, I know many times my opinions are not popular. My opinions are my view on issues, not my friends views. If people choose to not like me because of my opinion, that is their choice. I stand firm on my opinion unless someone can prove me wrong, that is the only time I will back down. I know (although rare - lol) that I can be wrong, when I am I will admit it.0
scarletfeather (39)
Yeah, this is me;gotta fit in with the crowd. Seriously, anyone with this attitude lacks backbone.1
Mr.Political (20)
I can understand why someone might not want to start arguments with people they consider their friends, but if they really are your friends, they shouldn't care if you agree or disagree with them! They (and you) should be satisfied that you posted YOUR opinion! 0
CastleBee (81)
Well, if you do this you may as well just erase everything you've written and list the names of those whose opinions you're now parroting. What's the point of offering an opinion if it isn't your own? 6
Sounds like terrorist style: All talk and no show.2
kolby1973 (28)
While I have changed several of my reviews based on other reviewers on this website, it does not mean I did it because I was scared of what they would think of me, it is because they convinced me that I either overlooked something, or I was totally wrong about something. But there is no way in heck I would ever change my opinion just to please someone else...3
JonTheMan (28)
Nope, I'm unlikely to change my opinions simply because they conflict with those of my friends. In this circumstance I will either debate, discuss or in extreme circumstances avoid the topic. 1
Jed1000 (79)
I can't imagine living life as a robot. Has to get boring at some point.3
irishgit (116)
Oh yeah, this is me. I do this all the time. Frankly, anyone who is constantly doing this, needs a better social life.6
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