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Segway 3

good vehicle for many years after a few years some tech problems the Belgian dealer charged me
5000,00 $ including two repairs I was upset because the problem was not solved. he was very arrogant on the matter; i went to Holland and the problem was solved immediately and in a friendly way. I intended to file a complain. i believe this to be redundant because the Belgian dealer has just being
condemned to four years in prison for other misbehavior. maybe SEGWAY should make a better choice to trace decent dealers. the two invoices in my possession speak for themselves

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Segway 5

My friend's wife, Jennifer, bought one of the smaller ($2000, p Series) Segways last summer. I've ridden it and watched her drive off to work each day and I'm now a believer. You know... originally I didn't think much about it but I think you need to be a bit open-minded to "get-it" which perhaps I wasn't. I was like some of the other negative folks who posted here, ie "why not ride a bike for 1/20 the cost?" (not that anyone I know does) or those who said "how can you ride this instead of your car, because it rains etc?" And like them, I thought this to myself while driving my car to work each day and the commute is less than 10 miles. Jennifer makes the exact same commute on her Segway because she works in the same office complex. Kinda makes me feel silly for driving. Turns out the Segway is like an inexpensive motorcycle. Although, with the Segway, you can *choose* to ride in the street, or in the bike lane or on the sidewalk etc whenever you want and using whatever feels the most safe for the situation. It uses about 5 cents worth of electricity to commute to work each day and rides quiet and comfortable. It's also a great "convertible" during these hot summer days. I think it's a pretty novel transportation and we definitely could use something that doesn't depend on gasoline, fast. I'm seriously considering buying one.

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Segway 1

Completely ridiculous. I actually feel bad for the people who jumped on this bandwagon because they must have thought it would catch on. Now they are an ostracized minority, pointed and laughed at wherever they whiz around to. My first Segway encounter was at an intersection in Boston. There were about 20 of us (rush hour) standing there, waiting for the light to turn. I heard a whizzzzzzzing sound alarmingly closeby, so I turned my head and saw this guy not 2 feet away from me, middle-aged, not visibly handicapped or anything, pulling up on this crazy, kind of dangerous-looking machine. He tried his best to look normal - he checked his watch, switched his wallet from one pocket to the other, etc. - but no dice. He looked ridiculous and people all around us laughed loudly and unabashedly in his face when he pulled up. Kind of rough...

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Segway 1

This is one of the more elaborate jokes ever played on the gullible.

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Segway 1

The Segway was the product that they constantly touted on Good Morning America as the product that would change how we live in the new millenium. Like Y2K, this one fell as flat as can be. First of all, the brilliant people who marketed this product assumed that people would give up walking for the clumsy looking Segway. Please!! I wouldn't buy this thing under any circumstances. Secondly, are they automatically assuming that the American people are so lazy that they won't even bother to get up and go for a walk? I'd rather walk from Lower Manhattan to Harlem in single digit temperatures than to be hauling around a clumsy Segway.

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Segway 1

If I showed up on one of these things, my friends and family would piss themselves laughing and I would not blame them one bit. It is impossible to look cool traipsing about on a Segway and, since they lack any other qualities that make up for their lameness, I will feel no shame in mocking those who do. They'd be cooler if they were a lot cheaper, but not by much.

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Segway 3

Pretty fun but lacking in the sauve sophistication of the allmighty scooter.

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