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fhhshsh (0)
Maybe ur right irishgit!!!but not too fast!!Gandhi had many followers!!! and poeple!!!Power always wins out in numbers!!!India's population at the time was right around 900,000,000!!!Whats germany's population???IT's not even close!!!! Eventually if hitler had to face that many people, he'd run out of ammunition!!!!!!!!!!!!0
JagDeepView (0)
As for Gandhi's political beliefs -- like peaceful non-violent civil disobedience as means of liberation and revolution against tyrannical/foreign oppressors, they surely worked in his situation considering the nature of turmoil surrounding him. They may even be controversial/futile/obsolete/counter-productive, IF seen out of context of the prevalent situation (like - Nazi oppression instead of the prevalent British rule in India at that time). The qualities that really make him an enduring role model (as applicable to normal everyday life of an average Joe-Shmoe like me) are -- Truthfulness, Honesty, Humility, Courage, Self- Confidence, Dignity for labour, Equality, faith in Hard-work and above all Simlicity of living. In this over-materialized world of ours, if we just sat back and thought 'How little I could actually do with' instead of a never-ending quest for 'the more the better', well we could live a lot better and mentally peaceful lives. -- Sounds trite, over-simplified, impractical.. right?! ..Well the man PROVED it by living by these rules himself in terrible times, ...and that's role model stuff, for sure!! 4
abichara (55)
True, civil disobedience doesn't work all the time. Gandhi's main quarrel with the British was unfair taxation and the suppression of the cotton industry. His greatest act of non-violence was his 1930 Salt March which was designed to protest the colonial government's unfair taxation of salt. The British were relatively enlightened colonial administrators, they merely imprisoned nationalists like Gandhi rather than execute them. That's why non-violence worked well in his case, it was designed to bring to light a certain injustice and gain the support of the people in the process. It's highly effective in some cases, but not in overly repressive societies.3
Enkidu (38)
High and lofty ideals, but I just don't see a way that his method can work all the time. The world is a messy place and there are too many exceptions to any rule. Sometimes you have to fight. India in the 1930s was a fine place to practice civil disobedience: it wouldn't have worked against the Nazis.4
irishgit (121)
A tad austere to be a role model for most folks. Had the benefit, in India, of confronting a relatively humane oppressor. Try his methods on a Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler or Mao, and you buy a bullet behind the ear.4
Jed1000 (72)
One of the finest human beings who ever lived. His example of peaceful resistance to evil set a standard for future generations. 5
forgotten hero (13)
He opposed an empire while being as peaceful as possible. Gandhi proved that violence isn't necessarily the answer.5
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