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abichara (63)
Keep them off in class, a lot of professors find it annoying to have their classes disturbed by them. In one extreme case, one of my professors had a policy where if someones cellphone were to go off, he would demand that the person leave. If no one fessed up, he would stop lecturing and leave. Frankly it was unprofessional of that professor just to leave that way. I don't care much about having cell phones on, but it's courteous to leave it off.

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AndrewScott (73)
Aside from falling asleep during class, the easiest way to tick off your professors is to have your cell phone go off during a lecture. Answering the call will make an uptight professor want to give you an F. A student will get viewed as disrespectful and lazy, always the opposite of your best interest.

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ClassicTVFan47 (38)
I'll say it once, I'll say it again...Wait...for...videophones!!!!!!

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StanUzbeck (16)
Keep 'em turned off in class. Professors get especially pissed when someone's cell goes off in the middle of a lecture. This is probably the only thing that will get you yelled at in a college classroom. Also, they cause brain cancer.

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tvtator (6)
If you are entering college, then why would a college student need advise on cell phones? Kids as young 13 carry them. All I would say is turn them off when you are in the classroom.

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irishgit (152)
Huh? What conceivable advice does a college student need about cell phones?

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