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ItemImageBorn on July 21 1978, Josh has starred in such films as Pearl Harbor, Black Hawk Down and Hollywood Homicide.

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freebird_0128 (5)
One of the young actors I consider to have enormous potential if only he could escape the career traps he keeps falling into. He has tried his hand at nearly every genre from drama to comedy to action. Some of his best performances were from the blockbuster yet critically deadpanned films. He was perhaps the best actor in the mess that was Pearl Harbor, his acting providing an honest, boy next door feel. While he has the role of the good guy down pat, he was also terrific in O where he played a truly villainous character. All in all I'd like to see Hartnett in more films worthy of him. I think he has staying power.

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Redoedo (41)
At the age of 25, Josh Hartnett has already made a name for himself in Hollywood, and it seems that the good roles just keep on coming. After getting off to a somewhat rocky start with cheesy horror films like Halloween H20 and The Faculty, Hartnett tried his hand at drama in 2000 with Here on Earth. Hartnett fared pretty well, but it was the 2001 blockbuster Pearl Harbor that elevated Josh Hartnett to star status. Although the film itself left a lot to be desired, Hartnett's performance as Danny Walker was riveting. In another war movie, Black Hawk Down, Hartnett was equally riveting (although there was much less drama in the latter). However, Hartnett's best role to date, in my opinion, was as the troubled teenager Hugo Goulding in 2001's O. Hartnett's character formulates a plan to ruin his basketball teammates life, which all stems from his jealousy and own insecurities. Hartnett's performance was dark and chilling, and as I said, was his best yet. Recently, Hartnett has successfully tried his hand at comedy (40 Days and 40 Nights) and action (Hollywood Homicide). It is my opinion (and my hope) that we will see much more of this talented actor for years to come.

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JoshTee! (0)
I could take him or leave him. He's an alright actor, a good person (from what I've heard), overrated on looks, and certainly DOES NOT fit the bill for Superman, so I wish they'd quit teasing that... TRUE STORY: My Group Manager at the place I work graduated with Josh in Minneapolis a few years back. They were pretty good friends and she has seen him a couple times since. Josh apparently stays very down to earth and he's a really cool guy, she says.

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