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Overall Rating: 2.97 based on 115 ratings
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cloudddae (0)
I understand vanting to be alone...

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getback (0)
I think growing up long after her time in the spotlight.That it was her name and the name is all I knew with Beauty.And after seeing she was a good actress and and a great movie star.

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Megs (0)
Grrrrreta Garrrrrbo. She was very talented and lovely! Her accent was so cute! She's a classic, and deserves higher on this list!

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thekettleblack (0)
The Divine Garbo was a unique screen presence - the terms "otherworldly beauty", "enigma", and "mystique" have been a bit overused when describing her, but that doesn't mean she didn't possess all those things. At times, her performances (as CastleBee touched on) seem rather cold to me, but perhaps that's because Greta was never 100% comfortable being a world famous movie-star.

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CastleBee (85)
As much or more than any actress before or since her day Garbo was very adept at projecting extreme cat-like, in-control coolness. And I suppose there is something to be said for a person who walks around in an emotional cloak, heavy half-closed eyelids, under a perpetual dark cloud. What you might say is that while it may create a certain amount of mystery for some at the same time it most likely convinces others they are either witnessing a living cartoon character - or someone in dire need of therapy. What her public thought of her though was obviously of minimal concern or interest to her as I’m sure she lived the professional and extremely private personal life she desired. She was, in fact, a fairly decent actress and to this day her performances offer a rather unique and interesting film viewing experience. Maybe all that accounts for the fact that she basically leaves me cold while at the same time makes me think going dressed as her to a costume party would be really funny and fun thing to do. Oh, leavvvvve me alone!

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blondbombshelll33 (0)
Greta Garbo is great! Everything about her was perfect , her face, accent ,,etc..I wish she had continued to make movies longer than she did , she would have looked great in color!

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