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EA Games 2

I like the games EA makes, they are very enjoyable. As much as I like their games, it is nothing if you can't get customer support for it. EA has extremely terrible customer support, they do not care about what problems you have, just if you buy it. I asked for help from customer support passed 48 hours ago, and still recieved no reply. They promise a reply in 24 hours, but of course, that would be a sign of good customer service. How hard is it for them to do their job? Or are they payed to act as support but really do nothing and make completly useless FAQ's. I checked the FAQ's, and there was nothing even close to the problem I had. There is an error in me ranking up after getting to Lance Corporal, I don't progress at all. I checked the requirments to get to the next promotion for Battlefield 2, but it just says the experience needed. I join only ranked servers, and still get medals and badges, but don't progress. Non of my regulars have this problem. I wish they would at least give an effort or do their damn job. Activision has a way better customer service, they answered me in less than an hour, and when I updated my questions, they supplied new information as what I could do to help fix it. I have never seen such great customer service like I've seen from Activision. EA really needs to take notes here.

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