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Overall Rating: 4.15 based on 33 ratings

Eeyore is the mopey friend of Winnie the pooh who can never seem to keep his tail on.

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MissPackRat (33)
This poor, sad little donkey could use a big HUG!1
HelloKitty06 (37)
Where is Dr Phil when you need him?1
Gloomyeeyore (9)
"Thanks for noticing me" I love Eeyore he is my favorite Winnie the Pooh character.  Eeyore is a cute pessimistic donkey.  Things always seem to go wrong for Eeyore he is either always losing his tail, or his house is getting knocked down.3
madamedragonlily (5)
Eeyore so sad and gloomy and there are days I can relate to him. Sometimes you think why try when you already know the outcome. Its a good thing my husband is the Tigger of the family cuz I'm definitely the Eeyore at times.2
Angel_Eeyore (0)
Eeyore is the best. I have everything Eeyore, even a tattoo on my left calf. I really can relate this poor guy. Sad, but loveable. Pessimistic but yet insiteful. He Rules!1
willow37 (0)
everytime you see Eeyore you just want to give him a great big hug and tell him everything is ok. a very sad and woeful character, but very loveable.0
Molfan (53)
Cannot help but love sad gloomy Eeyore, he was always losing his tail, and when someone spoke to him he would thank them for noticing him. the cartoon character was so cute.7
kattwoman (24)
eeyore is in some desperate need for some anti depressants. he has got to be the saddest character there is but hes lovable 2
sassynunique (0)
Eeyore just makes your heart sink when you look at him, he always seems down and which isn't good!1
Cindyo (10)
Eeyore is unique and cute, but I wish he wasn't as down all of the time. The whole thing with his tail was cute, he was a likeable character who should have been credited more in the show. 3
southparker9 (0)
The underdog that never won. Very insecure character. Kids may be insecure but cartoon characters that are insecure and never successful are a bad message.0
dinah (0)
All he does is whine0
Jesus_Freak (0)
Eeyore is the best winnie the pooh character ever. he is overlooked all the time. he needs to be first in somting so show your support. 1
BeatlesfanSteveo (3)
He is a very boring character yet winnie the pooh would not be the same without him.1
Aurielle (20)
Awww. . .Eeyore is so cute. I always felt bad for him, since he was so sad. I wanted to cheer him up, give him a big hug. He was my favorite Winnie the Pooh character when I was a kid, and I still think he's adorable.2
scarletfeather (39)
I AM Eeyore!3
freebird_0128 (5)
There has just always been this lovable aura about glum old eeyore where you just wanna hug...and fix his tail.3
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