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The Grinch(Jim Carey Version)

Overall Rating:Average Rating (2.79) based on 19 ratings

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The Grinch(the original)
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Redoedo (41)
Not bad. Cute, and Carrey is adequate as the Grinch, but the film just lacks the charm that the original had. 2
kattwoman (24)
carre played a good grinch but i think he would have played a better cat in the hat and vice versa. it doesnt come close to the original though0
D00lfrk81 (0)
awesome makeup and costumes, Jim Carrey played a wonderful grinch.0
Molfan (49)
/a 3.5 to me. jim Carrey was okay as the grinch. i liked it more the first time I saw it. but i like a bit less each time. It has some good scenes and it could be good in parts. Yet I really like the original cartoon better. 0
irishgit (112)
This movie gave me a long pain, sort of like a bad bowel movement.2
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