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I am the owner of a business technology consultancy making offers to large engineering and business companies in the country. In 2007 I signed up for The Business Professional Course (BPC) that The Aji Network offers because I was looking for knowledge that will help me grow my business. After several years of producing steady revenues, but without growth, I understood that I couldn’t readily possess such knowledge just because I’ve been a business owner for 6 years. I understood I needed help.

During the first year of learning with The Aji Network, I wasn’t sure the knowledge they offered was going to help me. However, I soon realized I they offered what I was missing: “Competitive knowledge” that was required to fulfill my ambitions. What started as unusual learning ended with an uncommonly powerful command of business language, Ethics, and a new common sense for being in the global marketplace. My limited initial notion of “growing my business” took on a new meaning.

Studying with the Aji Network is serious work. The learning includes business strategy, philosophy, linguistics, and biology. The learning completely changed the way I think about business and how I conduct my business. Now I understand why they are so successful at what they do, and why they attract top business professionals with serious accomplishments and superior leadership positions in the industry. I am thrilled I stayed the course.

It was worthwhile spending the time, effort and money because now things are “really” moving for my business: My revenues have increased significantly in 2009, right after I graduated from the BPC, but the real returns showed up in 2010: A 105% increase in revenues. The ROI is clear and present, and it is just the beginning. My target for 2011 is a 130% increase in revenues.

The net result for my business: I am winning contracts with top engineering and business companies in the US, which is not about the contracts themselves, but about what it means in terms of future opportunities for my career and fulfilling my ultimate ambition of taking care of myself and my own, and for living a good and prosperous life.

The following cannot be said lightly: I trust The Aji Network with my business and my success, now and for years to come. One of their striking characteristics: They will decline to help you if they know they cannot. If you are looking for an “interesting” course in business, the Aji Network is not for you. If you are looking for non-traditional and powerful approaches to grow your career and/or business enterprise value in the global marketplace, you might want to take a close look at what The Aji Network has to offer you.

Ernest Stambouly
Owner, Cephas Consulting Corp, Tustin CA

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The Aji Network 5

I am a fashion stylist working in a highly competitive, survival of the fittest, global fashion environment, and by far, working with the Aji Network has been the MOST important learning I have EVER done for myself and my company. I am the sole proprietor of my own LLC and have a couple of employees on staff, as well as the best styling agency worldwide, CLM, as my sales team. My clients include US Vogue, GQ, and Teen Vogue as well as David & Victoria Beckham among others.

I applied for the Aji Network's Business Professional's Course and was accepted in 2007. At that time, I thought I was doing fine, I had a decent agent, good clients. I was on the path to hopefully have a successful career. Prior to my applying, my business partner at the time was doing the Business Professional's Course. I started to notice his shifts in thinking and doing far more powerful business deals. My conversations with him were becoming useful and applicable to my life, and we were able to create strategy's together to achieve what I wanted with my business. When he recommended I speak with Aji, I jumped at the opportunity to learn what my partner was embodying.

Quickly I realized after a conversation with my partner and then with Mr. Scharnagl at the Aji Network, I had a choice. I could go on doing business the way I always had and HOPE that my business turned out the way I wanted, or I could continue to learn, begin to really educate myself on what it fundamentally takes to succeed and be responsible for creating my company's success.

From the first homework assignment in the Business Professional's Course, I was able to directly apply my learning to my business and career. Immediately, I saw what was missing for me and my company (roles, tools, practices, good help), in what areas I was experiencing breakdowns, and how much I did not know about business. I am now in the Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and the accumulation of Power program otherwise known as LEIP. I work with what I am learning in Aji everyday for my business.

In the BPC, my income went up 300%. Yep, that's right folks, 300%!! That alone has made me a lifer with Aji. I am going to continue to work with Aji until I have ALL of Toby Hecht's distinctions, fundamentals and strategies completely embodied, memorized and at hand when ever I need them for my business. Since I have entered the LEIP program, my income is continuing to rise, 100% this year alone. In the midst of one of the most devastating recessions in America, my income increase to me is the ultimate value of this learning.

And why am I doing all of this education? Because I know now that in order to achieve my personal ambition which is a base savings of $15 million at retirement and an annual income of $600k +, I have to continue accumulating knowledge. And Aji is the most powerful place I have found to do that.

So yes, I highly recommend Aji.

Sally Lyndley
CEO of The Lyndley Group

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The Aji Network 5

I am the leader of the financial planning and analysis organization for a global logistics solutions provider, a CPA with 14 years of diversified experience in finance and accounting. I have a passion for connecting my financial expertise with business partner visions in order to develop strategic plans, analyze tactics, and produce measurement systems that enable businesses to position themselves competitively and improve financial results.

I have always been very focused on achievement in my career. My financial and business acumen, combined with my leadership abilities and a sheer willingness to work hard fueled my early, rapid career progression. However, as I entered the manager ranks I began to notice that these alone were not going to enable me to produce and sustain the executive level career I am after. I began observing leaders, and in particular, noticed two specific executives with valued identities in a Fortune 100 organization who moved with uncommon business philosophies and ethics to produce superior results for their organizations. Learning that they were both students with the Aji Network, I couldn't wait to know more.

My decision to begin accepting the Aji Network's offers was not one I took lightly. The financial costs as well as the time commitment and focus required were substantial; I had initial apprehension about my capacity to make this commitment. However, with Toby Hecht's personal success as a business owner for over thirty years and the Aji Network's consistent reputation over twenty years for producing financial returns for its students far superior to any MBA program, I was compelled to give it serious consideration.

As I began learning about their philosophies, high ethics, strategies, and range of powerful offers inside the discourse Mr. Hecht created, right away I was introduced to a new orientation for producing not only a successful career, but even more so, what struck me was the emphasis on first producing a clear interpretation for myself about what it means to live a good and satisfying LIFE. Then next, they helped me learn about the importance of superior strategies for producing the roles I need to hold in my career that will obtain the financial outcomes and autonomy necessary to coherently and consistently take care of all of my concerns for living a good life. As the Aji Network is not for everyone, as is by design, Greg Scharnagl, the VP of Operations and with the network for 15 years, took great care in helping me locate where I was in my career and in assessing if my own capabilities were sufficient for producing the career I was after, or where I had gaps With their reputation and through the care they provided me through individual coaching, I acquired a high level of trust in the Aji Network and a frightening realization of how much help I needed.

I've been a student with the Aji Network for three years now, and they have not disappointed. Rather, I am continually amazed by the strategies and practices they teach, and how it continually produces new thinking and capacity for me to act to produce my career and lifestyle ambitions. In the foundational 2-year Business Professionals Course (BPC) I developed a background of uncommon offers, practices, narratives, and strategies which I have been using to produce superior interpretations of the marketplace and my customer's concerns. I used this background to design and fulfill new, superior offers for my company, which quickly enabled me to begin increasing my own reputation of superior trust and value within the organization based on these highly valued accomplishments. I get questions recurrently from executives who are noticing that I stand out with my actions, they want to know how I am able to do what I am doing.

Now one year into the LEIP program, an ongoing opportunity for the most serious business students (Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and accumulation of Power), I am continually being presented with new thinking and strategies for accumulating power in my career and producing the income and autonomy necessary to help take care of my family. And, my opportunity to think and learn is significantly enhanced by the value of engaging conversation and design with a powerful network of accomplished professionals -- CEO's, owners/entrepreneurs, executives and managers across a range of diverse industry and trade. Without question, I have greater commitment, direction and focus now for the actions I need to be in to produce my ambition because of the superior help I have received from the Aji Network.

If your ambition requires you to significantly improve the value of your offers in the marketplace to a degree substantially above what is common, you are committed to this ambition, and you know you need help, I highly recommend you check out the offers by The Aji Network. ( In addition to its offer for beginners of the BPC, there are numerous papers and talks available on their visitors page to introduce you to their philosophies and strategies, and help you produce an assessment for yourself about your ambition and your gaps. Additionally, The Aji SPAcE ( is a powerful new and uncommon tool for accumulating uncommon knowledge and power with papers, talks, and projects that you can explore to produce new thinking and action (free trial). If not this, I ask you, what are you doing to fulfill your career ambitions?

Mindy Johnson
Sr. Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis
Global Fortune-500 Logistics Solutions Provider

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The Aji Network 5

Are you earning, saving, and investing enough to live a good life today and throughout the rest of your life?

My name is Abbot G. Apter. Four years ago a good friend asked me this question and while I was making high six and sometimes seven figure annual incomes, I wasn’t satisfied with my answer.

The Aji Network’s BPC (Business Professional Course), founded over 20 years ago by Toby Hecht, helped me to answer the question posed above and begin a course of learning that has produced uncommon, strategic, effective, and powerful thought and action. I can now knowledgeably answer that I am on track to achieve my financial ambition.

Toby Hecht and Vice President Greg Scharnagl continue to teach the BPC and they also offer Aji Space, an online program designed to be studied in networks of ambitious business people looking to bridge their income and capital at work gaps. This is uncommon knowledge about human and business fundamentals – not the common “wisdom” found in the latest fad business book.

The help that the Aji Network offers is not for everyone.

The Aji Network is a place where ambitious business people coordinate, cooperate, and learn together how to produce more annual income, increase their net worth, and grow the value of their businesses. Life Happens, but it doesn’t turn out the way it does in the movies or on TV. Life turns out better for those who take responsibility to get and give help by working together in a way that increases the likelihood of turning out your life the way you choose.

Abbot G. Apter
Mercury Investment

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The Aji Network 5

The Aji Network provides education for business professionals that I have not been able to find anywhere else. If you are a business professional making over $150,000 a year with an ambition to make over $400,000 a year and produce over $10 million for your retirement, then The Aji Network may be for you.

In the four years that I have been taking courses from The Aji Network, I have been able to restructure two of my businesses and more than double their revenues. This is just one example of several that I could reference and the results are actually rather typical; The Aji Network has been consistently producing these types of results for more than 20 years with thousands of satisfied students.

I enjoyed The Aji Network assignments because they were applicable to my businesses from the very beginning. In fact, everything you do in The Aji Network focuses on producing top 1% results for your income, your career and, if applicable, your businesses. In addition, the conferences are amazing and always make me thankful that I started The Aji Network as soon as I could.

I gratefully acknowledge that the education I received from The Aji Network has allowed me to significantly increase my income, increase the enterprise value of my businesses and dramatically improve the quality of my home life. I will continue working with The Aji Network because I am a business professional with a top 1% ambition.

David C. Williams
Vice President
Williams Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

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The Aji Network 5

As a former employee of Goldman Sachs and PricewaterhouseCoopers and current owner of Medical Imaging Specialists, an established company in the radiology healthcare space for over 10 years, it is incumbent on me and my team to constantly design new and uncommonly powerful solutions for senior executives and business owners in our industry. The political and economic challenges facing our clients pose substantial threats never seen before by these organizations; our clients have experienced reimbursement reductions of over 50% to their radiology exam revenues along with costly healthcare regulation requirements. Our charter is to design and implement solutions that neutralize the effects of these factors affecting their viability.

I am a fourth year student of The Aji Network currently enrolled in the LEIP program (Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Power) studying and using The Aji Source Fundamental Strategy to build our ambition of developing companies aimed at significantly improving the efficiency of the healthcare system in America. The Aji Network's fundamental strategy, designed by Toby Hecht and adopted and used by our team, has enabled us to design offers and practices that have produced a 357% increase in our company revenues over the last 28 months, a 15,909% ROI for our work with one of the largest healthcare systems in the US and an average client ROI of over 1000% in 2010. We have pragmatically applied The Aji Network’s Fundamental Strategy to reconstruct our healthcare solutions in a manner consistent with the current concerns, breakdowns and changing market mechanics present in our industry segment.

Toby, Greg and the entire team at The Aji Network have produced a body of knowledge and environment for my business partners and me that has directly lead to measurable improvements in our income, our business value and our lives. Their dignified and caring approach is unapologetic and sincere; it is clear that their commitment to produce the results in our individual value is non-negotiable. What I have learned from my experiences with The Aji Network is that "true" care requires commitments by the teacher and the student; Toby, Greg and his team clearly move consistently with this philosophy."

-Jim Sullivan, Partner at Medical Imaging Specialists, LLC and Managing Director of The Velot Group, LLC.

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The Aji Network 5

My relationship with the Aji Network started six years ago when I signed up for the Business Professionals Course, a two-year program that promised to teach business people something called “uncommon knowledge.” I was a little skeptical but some other people who I respected raved about how it had changed the way they were able to run their businesses and how they were able to increase their income significantly. After just a few months of study with the Aji Network I started to see a difference in the way I was able to interpret and react to what was happening in my business and today I too rave about how the Aji Network has helped me become a better business person.

My name is Ken Goldfine and I am CEO of ZMC Hotels, a private hotel management, development and investment company with 29 hotels located in 13 states. My studies with the Aji Network have helped me organize and lead our company through the 100-year economic storm of the past two years with a greater degree of success than our competitors. As a matter of fact, our hotels have performed twice as well as national averages during the downturn. I believe this success is a direct result of our learning from the Aji Network. I say “our” because in addition to me, two other senior executives at ZMC Hotels have gone through the BPC and been part of LEIP, the Aji Networks program for some BPC graduates. Our Aji Network learning has been powerful help to increase the speed and accuracy of developing and implementing our business plans at ZMC.

For me, the best thing about the Aji Network is that it is not just another course of tips and techniques. They teach fundamentals of business like a doctor learns the fundamentals of the body and it is up to each student to put into specific practice what they learned just as a doctor treats specific patients.

Another benefit of my experience with the Aji Network has been the learning about how to build strong networks and move away from weak networks. Before the BPC I was one of those people who didn’t recognize how much help we all need and in fact how much help we all get all the time. The Aji Network helped me with new thinking about building networks purposefully and moving away from networks that were not good help. This thinking has been invaluable help for me in all areas of operating our company. With the learning from the Aji Network about networks we have changed the way we interact with our hotel managers, reorganized our company structure, changed the way we make offers to our guests and become more effective negotiators.

I am a satisfied customer and student of the Aji Network. They have delivered on all their promises at a higher level than any other organization I have been involved with. If your income is $150,000 or more or if your net worth is less than $10,000,000 and you cannot figure out how to get to the next level then I suggest you should take a serious look at the Aji Network and their offer. It is truly uncommon help.

Kenneth Goldfine
ZMC Hotels, Inc.

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The Aji Network 5

The Aji Network is a unique educational offer unlike anything else in the marketplace and difficult to describe succinctly other than by its results. The results are a consistent, 80+% increase in income for students who complete the 2-year BPC. I know dozens of people (including me) who achieved this result and many who achieved increases of 200-400%.

I am a partner at the law firm Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP, an international firm with 11 offices and almost 600 attorneys. I enrolled in The Aji Network's Business Professional's Course (BPC) in 2004 on the recommendation of the president of my then-largest client. I was skeptical, but after speaking with the president of the company, I had to admit that the offer did seem to target my career concerns. The most important part of my decision to enroll was that I admired and trusted the person who recommended the program.

The Aji Network was very serious about fulfilling the commitments it made in its offer. The BPC required significant work, the purpose of which was sometimes unclear, but I was at the conclusion able to track my actual learning and accomplishments to the promises made by the company.

The course is taught by performing businesspeople, not academics. The course of study is robust and rigorous and unlike any other education program I have encountered or heard of. The discourse taught in the BPC resulted in slow changes to how I thought and saw the world, comparable to the changes produced by law school. (I graduated Yale Law School in 1992.) I sometimes refer to the BPC as "law school for business people."

The uniqueness of the program shows in the results summarized above. A good friend in my class increased his income by 400%, and has sustained the increase for 4 years since our completion of the course. There was one woman in my class who increased her income by over 100% despite having a baby and going on maternity leave for 6 months of the 2 years.

These results sound incredible but they become understandable, even mundane, once you are exposed to the teaching. A major part of what propels the results is the exposure to superior ethics, which are practiced by the company and explained as tremendous sources of power in the marketplace. The company makes its promises and claims very carefully and always delivers upon them. When the students learn to do the same thing, their value increases, and their incomes follow.

I highly recommend the BPC and the newer Aji Space offer for businesspeople who need competitive advantage (and who doesn't?), and who are willing to accept that they don't know everything.

John D. Tishler
Partner, Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP
Del Mar Heights, California

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