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Fright Night (1985)

Overall Rating:Average Rating (3.83) based on 83 ratings

Written and directed by Tom Holland. Starring Chris Sarandon as Jerry Dandrige, William Ragsdale as Charlie, Amanda Bearse as Amy, and Roddy McDowall as Peter Vincent. Charlies new neighbor seems to be acting strangely and has taken an interest in Charlies girlfriend. Can Charlie prove his neighbor is a vampire and somehow stop him?

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cablejockey (17)
I loved the idea of getting an old horror movie host to help fight a vampire. Roddy McDowall was wonderfully fun in this.2
primaxdonna (4)
fun movie. i love the casting. roddy mcdowell was great.3
Jeremy00081 (5)
Great vampire movie! (A rarety). This is one of those movies that make you love being a horror movie buff. Mesmoring from start to finish. Superb ending with a very freaky-looking vampire girl. This is one of my favorite horror films, and I honestly think it's one of the better-made horror movies of all time.3
pboz (0)
Like an old fashioned horror0
GenghisTheHun (156)
It started well and held up in the middle but the end was disappointment. I knock it down a star for the poor ending.2
edt4 (87)
No, it wasn't a great movie, but it was a very enjoyable, diverting piece of entertainment, especially when you consider how banal the majority of horror movies had become by the 1980's, and what more can one ask of a movie than that? Interesting sidenote: I always wondered what had happened to actor Stephen Geoffreys, who appeared as Evil Ed in this and was being touted by some in the mid 80's as the next Jack Nicholson. Went onto the IMDB website and found out that he's a gay porno actor now (no joke)....I'm in no way a homophobe, and if that's what he wants to do, then so be it. But you have to wonder if this radical change in career direction was a truly voluntary decision or the result of something else? Only in Hollywood can you go from one day being the next Jack Nicholson to being an actor in gay porno the next...3
iamfromhelltoo (0)
i can't believe that was marcy darcy also known as the chicken i had a crush on her thats why i kept seeing this movie over and over and plus its such a good 80's vampire movie0
dragonx187 (0)
Funny little movie that kept my attention only because of the casting of Rodney Mcdowell. He just emits that spooky personality that makes you love him. Creepy kinda fella. 0
beckerudy (0)
Man I love this movie!!!0
RainbowBrite72315 (2)
Good, great, best!1
Dirty Harry (1)
This ranks as horror?!!! Doesn't take much to scare some people apparently. Boo! I scared you.1
Redoedo (41)
Exciting and fun, but hardly a new concept. There are far better vampire flicks to choose from. Don't get me wrong, Fright Night wasn't bad, but it's certainly not a classic by any means.2
DickWeener (0)
A cool vampire movie, very entertaining. It has a few funny parts in it, not real scary, but a good movie.2
tvtator (7)
It's not the scariest movie, but it is a cool, sleek and fun movie to watch. Chris Sarandon is great as the vampire. Not the same tiresome vampire movies, this one is sexier and more original.2
kolby1973 (29)
I was very suprised at how well this movie did scare me. Even to this day, it is creepy scary. I loved it and try to watch it every Halloween. GOOD ! 3
ixltoo (0)
The best part of the movie is when Chris Sarandon shows up in the living room after the mother has invited him in. The sub-text between the two male leads is priceless. This movie is a lot of fun -- the somewhat violent climax of the movie seems a bit out of tone with the first two acts. Definitely worth annual viewing!2
Rainbow72315 (0)
Right up there as a classic. 2
Badunsgirl (0)
I love this Movie!!! 3
norman bates (0)
a classic not scary but just a classic it was funny 1
potch1214 (0)
Decent movie, but I thought it was much funnier than scary. I thought it was supposed to be a campy horror movie, not an actual horror movie. The acting is... Well... campy. I mean you have Marcy from "Married... With Children" and the guy from "Herman's Head"... Not exactly a winning coupling. And personally, I find Chris Sarandon to just be a bad acting doppleganger of Michael Nouri... What made Mr. McDowell do this is as beyond me as this movie was of his talent. 1
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