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Overall Rating: 3.64 based on 11 ratings

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Drummond (56)
The poor young woman herself got tired of the exagerations in her story to create some popular mythology. Sometimes even positive exagerations can be dehumanizing.2
CanadaSucks (38)
Terrific listing. . .white-girl-who-takes-wrong-turn-comes-home-a-hero-to-validate-bullsh#t-war. . .that didn't quite work as planned. . .4
IgnatiusJReilly (79)
I just keep asking myself if she would garner so much attention if she wasn't as good looking as she is. Funny thing is, right after her rescue she said she didn't remember much about the incident, but recently signed a million dollar book detail to describe it in detail. 1
kattwoman (24)
i dont think enuf attention was given to this girl. this was a positive story. one of hope and possibilities. but there are things like janet jacksons boob that was more important to deal with how could we bother. the funny thing is all those that become so high and mighty over negative things like the janet jackson incident or bill and monica thing dont even realize that maybe its because they focus only on the negativity of the world that there is so much of it. if they want the world to be a better place for them and their children maybe they should focus on the positive things. if we want good we have to create good not expect it just to be there. the more we bring attention to the bad of the world then we are no better cuz thats what we are creating also1
RainbowBrite72315 (2)
Yes, you never hear them talking about the other rescues they made...0
abichara (57)
This was truly the media obsession when her story came out during the war. Frankly the whole thing was made for TV down to the last detail. She didn't deserve all the attention that she got; after all, she didn't resist her captors one bit and if anything, she probably got her unit into more trouble. What you had here is the military brass looking for a nice human interest story to make people feel good about invading another sovereign country that did nothing to us. I understand that Jessica went through a lot, but please! Be wary of propaganda like this during wartime.1
Jed1000 (75)
I vote this one as THE biggest media obsession in recent history, although I admit that the Laci Peterson story comes in a close second. I'd like to understand what it is that causes the media to latch on to something and seemingly refuse to let go like this. It's a perfect example of the media creating a news story. Or at least inflating a small story into an earth shattering event. And they wonder why we think so little of them...5
kamylienne (77)
I feel bad for this girl--I mean, everyone can't stand her, and it's the media/military's fault. I hope she gets through her ordeals as quickly and painlessly as possible. But, I'm really tired of hearing about it all the time, and it angers me to see other soldiers go through the same things or worse and go unmentioned. 4
irishgit (122)
At least with this young woman, she does not seem a party to the media hype around her unfortunate situation, which is very much to her credit. I've read somewhere that Lynch has taken no part or cash in the film about her.2
CastleBee (82)
Good grief - did they start production on this the day they found this girl or what? I'm sorry but this is such obvious propaganda - not to mention just plain explotive, sentimental slop. I've heard that even she isn't into all this hero worship - but apparently not disgusted enough by it to decline selling her story. Gag me.8
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