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Auroras (Borealis and Australis) (*)

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Occurring in the most northern and southern latitudes respectively, the Auroras Borealis and Australis are known more familiarly as the northern and southern lights, and they have captured the imagination of the earth-bound since time immemorial. Caused by particles in a solar wind interacting with Earth's magnetic field, the Auroras are shimmering sheets of light that capture the imagination and send it darting along paths of magic and wonder.

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VirileVagabond (29)
I am speculating that one needs to actually witness the Auroras prior to really appreciating them since I am also speculating that pictures cannot do them justice. As I have never seen them and as they still are just lights in the sky, the Auroras rate a mere 3 stars in my book.1
irishgit (113)
Having seen the Borealis version, they are awe inspiring in the true meaning of the word. In the high Arctic, in the dead of winter, they are almost frightening in their glory. And by the way, under the right conditions, you can hear them. It a sharp, hissing crackle, like static on an old radio.3
Jed1000 (78)
When I was a teenager I took a dream fishing trip with some friends and one of my brothers to the Allagash wilderness in northern Maine. One late afternoon as we drove north on US 1 (somewhere between Caribou and Van Buren) the dreary gray autumn sky suddenly lit up. The entire horizon to the north of us morphed into a rich pink color streaked with bands of white. As we watched the colors seemed to dance from left to right and the streaks became longer and wider. We were so mesmerized that we stopped the truck and got out to get a better look. It was so eerie that we almost expected to see the mother ship land right there in front of us. The colors kept changing every few minutes with yellows and pinks being predominant. I swear it was like a laser light show. One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.5
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