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texas traveler
03/30/2006 1

One star ONLY because I couldn't rate any LOWER!!! OK, I'm a slow learner. I even joined twice, thinking maybe I didn't WORK the system. I too was extremely flexible with dates even airports, willing to drive a little. STILL NO fare for what was posted. What a complete HOAX. Shame on Tom Parsons for taking people's money claiming to be saving them hundreds!

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08/23/2005 1 is a joke. It doesn't work. The prices they publish are NOT available at all. I went through the whole process to find out that. So don't try yourself. All the representatives that you have to speak to on the phone are other agencies and they are as rude as they can be over the phone. All the above is a fact. Now my guess: When I call to cancel my membership, a soft, nice, relaxed woman attended me and very politely and without any delay or questions she kindly cancelled my membership. My guess is they have hundreds of cancellations every day, but they don't care. The bussiness for them is to have your money for a couple of days. Their solvency is based on the interest and transations they can make having your money for a moment. This is disgusting and annoying. Let's hang Parsons the pig.

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07/12/2004 1

The rates listed on their site are NOT REAL. I had to pay membership fees to pursue the dates & rates advertised. When I called to take advantage of ads, I was given rates STANDARD to what you will find on ORBITZ, TRAVELOCITY, etc. There was absolutely no difference. I complained to the BBB and this is what transpired: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX THIS WAS THEIR RESPONSE TO MY COMPLAINT: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Fares are based on availability. There are many factors as to why a person is not able to get a fare that is posted on our site. It could be that there are no available seats for the times they are wanting to travel. Also, it could be that their days and dates are not compatible with the days, times and dates posted on the site. Let's examine for a moment and see why they are not able to get a fare posted on the site. Remember: Times, days, and dates play a significant factor in getting fares posted on the site. In order to get a fare that is posted on the site for that price, you must follow the fare rules. Make sure that the days, dates, and times are following that rule. If they are not following the fare rules, they will not get that fare/or the fare will be higher than the fare posted on the site. It is very important that they are within the guide lines of these fares and their rules. blah blah blah XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX MY RESPONSE TO THIS WAS: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Haha what a crock. Of course I was following the fair rules. How else could the call transaction been done otherwise?? I call and give them a CODE for the ad I'm interested in. Which clearly states the time frames, fair rate, etc. AND I have to point out, I was nothing but FLEXIBLE when trying to obtain thier advertised rate. I made it very clear that I could leave and return on any date available, they pointed out that mid week departures were best, I said that was fine, they tried different scenarios and never once found anything less than 990.00. -- I even ASKED the lady on this 3rd attempt to FIND me ANYTHING that would fit within the rate advertised... she could find nothing. REMEMBER, as I stated before... the ONLY thing she could find available was for an August departure --and at a cost 200 dollars higher than the JUNE rate advertised. I need to follow the guidelines -what a crock. And in contrary to what she states about her adds not being dated daily, that is another fabrication. They Date their advertisements every single day. And I mean every single day. I scowered the site for days prior and not seeing it then, became excited at seeing it and joined right away, to take advantage of this brand new listing. Probably only hours old. And as I stated above, a listing that was completely worthless and a very long waste of my time. (I BET THE STOCK ANSWER I WAS GIVEN IS WHAT THEY BASED THEIR ENTIRE WEBSITE ON. KNOWING THAT THE VAST MAJORITY OF AMERICAN TRAVELERS ARE RESTRICTED BY THE DATES THEY CAN TRAVEL, THEY USE THIS AS THEIR ANGLE WHEN LISTING BOGUS RATES.) I KNOW THIS POST IS EXTREMELY LONG!!! MY APOLOGIES, it just seemed easier to cut and paste then try to summarize everything. :-)

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06/26/2001 1

BEWARE OF THIS SCAM. READ MY EXPERIENCE. This site was promoted on-air on Good Morning America by it's founder Tom Parsons during one of GMA's travel segments. The bargain airfares he mentioned that were available on sounded great. Once you get to the site, it becomes clear you have to pay for a membership in BestFares to receive the bargain rates they advertise all over their site. I paid for a membership, thinking I would still be getting a bargain. Then, I tried to pursue one of their advertised fares, and was directed to a toll-free number. The site would not allow me to book the fare online. Okay, I called. The person answering was a customer service rep. for a separate travel agency, not an employee of BestFares. I told her I wanted the fare advertised on the website. She told me all we could do was to plug in different dates and times to see if we could "track down" the bargain fare. We plugged in 3 different dates and times, including mid-week departures and returns as well as off-peak hours and all she could come up with were fares that were no bargain at all, not even close to the fares specifically advertised on their site and by Tom Parons on television. The bloated fares she retrieved could be beaten by almost any other travel site on the web. When I finally stated to her "I don't understand why you can't retrieve the fare specifically advertised on the website," she responded, "Nobody understands how it works." There you have it. The answer is: IT DOESN'T WORK. In other words, BestFares uses the old BAIT AND SWITCH. They offer no service you can't do yourself just as easily and with no bogus membership fees. I could have found the fares they were offering more easily than falling off of a log. Their business practices are deceptive and their "service" involves making you jump through hoops for a bargain that doesn't exist. I cancelled immediately. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND AGAINST USING BESTFARES for travel services.

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