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X Factor Z (18)
Weird thing is, when I watch him amnd his dad being interviewed, he seemed like a decent fellow.

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scarletfeather (54)
I never hated him, but his escapades appalled and disgusted me. He got his just desserts in prison, though.

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LanceRoxas (41)
I admit to sick fascination in serial killers. I'm constantly watching stories on A&E;, Discovery and Court TV documenting these psychopaths. Dahmer came from a upper middle class two parent family. His parents fought occasionally but nothing violent. He started exhibiting peculiar traits at the age of 8 when he would incapacitate live animals and cut them open. He would also take home road kill to examine. His father was fully supportive of this behavior as he was a scientist himself and thought the inquisitive nature was a positive trait. Dahmer always attended church with his family every Sunday and was actually an alter boy. By his teen years he began having homosexual fantasies about killing and dismembering bodies. Around this time his parents divorced and he was living with his mom. He started attending chuch regularly and was also holding down a job where he performed well. However around this time he also started drinking. One night after picking up a guy in bar drunk he offered the guy a ride home. He beats the guy to death and stuffs the body in trunk of his car, later dismembering and discarding the body. He then stops drinking and becomes deeply engrossed in the church. He then moves to Milwaukee and starts frequenting gay bars and drinking again luring men back to his appartment- and the true mayhem starts. He begins ritualistic killings where he eats portions of the victims. He drills holes into some victims brains and pumps in chemicals to incapacitate them but keep them alive so he can proceed with his deviant desires. On one occasion one of these zombified victims actually escapes and wanders into the street while a passed out Dahmer is sleeping. After noticing the victim was gone he runs to the street where he sees two cops trying to talk to the naked man. Dahmer tells the police that the man was his boyfriend and that he's drunk. The police allow Dahmer to take him back to the aparment where he later kills him. by the time Dahmer is caught he has dead guys on ice in his bathtub, parts in his fridge and dead guys on his couch. When he was caught he actually looked relieved. In his interviews he seemed absolutely sincere in his feeling sorry for his actions but also agreed that his impulses were to great to overcome. At his trial I remember on mother in particularly screaming at him I hate you Jeffrey, I hate you... you took away my whole life! Her pain was so real and you could feel her hatred for him. It can not be overstated the irrepairable damage Dahmer inflicted on the victims families. As for Dahmer I think he hated himself for doing what he did. But it's obviously he was deeply ill. That is no excuse for his actions but they do differ from calculated killing of innocents on mass scale to strenghten your ideological empowerment like many of the mass killers on this list.

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pfs54 (0)
A disgusting excuse for a human being, the things he did were pure evil. But on this list, he doesn't rate to be near the top.

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LadyShark4534 (12)
Todd Parker, I hope you're joking.

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Todd Parker (0)

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