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t42it0z (0)
The Tivo was fantastic until its modem died. Then the hell of Phillips customer support started. There is no way to speak to a human unless you cough up $20, after I spoke to a representative (who was very nice) I sent my Tivo into the black hole of Phillips repair-land. About a month and a half later I got an email from someone at asking for the serial number of my Tivo so that they could file a repair case. I replied that I couldn't give them the serial number as THEY HAD THE TIVO. I never heard back, and am not spending another $20 to ask where my Tivo has gone to. At this point, I'm ready to buy a new Tivo - and not from Phillips!

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accouswk (0)
I also thought TiVo was the greatest invention until my unit failed (supposedly the hard drive). Try getting to talk to someone at Tivo in under 20 minutes. Good luck. Then cough up the $50 labor repair charge (plus shipping) to get it fixed. I have spent more time dealing with this damn thing. I am about to scrap it. No wonder TIVO stock went through the floor. I caution anyone about the TIVO service and reliability. It appears to be very poor.

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galaxygirl0505 (0)
I would like to state that Tivo's customer service SUCKS! I have never encountered a "supervisor" who was more rude. I have cancelled my service. I used to rave to people about Tivo and now I make sure that I tell everyone I know NOT to purchase Tivo. My husband said he had cancelled service because our box had broken. I discovered 2 months later that we were still being charged for service. When I called I was told that without a cancellation number I would not be refunded the two months worth of charges. I asked to speak to a supervisor who said the same thing. I asked why can't you check my account. You can see that I have not logged on in over two months. She said that Tivo does not have the TIME or the MONEY to check every single persons account! That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Not to mention her extremely rude and snotty attitude! She was talking and I started to respond to what she was saying and she yelled DON'T YOU INTERRUPT ME WHEN I AM SPEAKING! What kind of customer service is that? I was upset but I was not yelling or rude and even if I was anyone in customer service nows that you grin and bear it because its your job! I own Tivo and Replay. They both have features different from each other. If they could be combined you would have the perfect system. If you have to choose I would say Replay is the better way to go! Jeanne Coffey Naperville, IL

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lukskywlkr. (3)
Philips products are second rate. Their customer service people are a bunch of (trained?)liars, and they will not help you. They do not stand by their products, so you had better hope you never have problems with them.

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crimatt (0)
What a wonderful piece of technology! Hard to imagine life without it, at this point. Love the unexpected software upgrades: you go to sleep and wake up to a new and improved PVR! More people should take advantage of this techno-gizmo.

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