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Insistance on splitting the restaurant cheque to the penny and spending half an hour figuring out who had what

Overall Rating:Average Rating (3.71) based on 14 ratings

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Reviews for Insistance on splitting the restaurant cheque to the penny and spending half an hour figuring out who had what  1-12 OF 12

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Blue Orchid (41)
Just let the guy pay for it.3
GenghisTheHun (143)
This is so true! Men do gozinta. 4 at the table, the check with tip is $63.00. 4 gozinta 63 to equal $15.75 a piece. Bam we are out of there.2
irishgit (101)
This drives me nuts. The best way I know to mess up a decent meal. Note that I'm not talking about a date, I'm talking about a group of folks going out for lunch or dinner. If there are a majority of women in the party, this is sure to happen.6
holcombe.jordan (0)
[too pissed to leave a comment]2
texasyankee (24)
Hey men are guilty of this too, not only that, men can be guilty of insisting to the point of raising a ruckis(spell check) in public that they will cover it all. Ah! makes me really mad, especially if we've previously agreed it would be dutch! To the penny is ridiculous, I mean if I throw out a 20 I don't care if it was 18 or 21 ... kinda crazy to worry about.2
Randyman (90)
This is probably more of a female trait. But I do have a habit of picking up the tab when we go out with other couples, sometimes when the check comes no one says anything, and for some reason, and it happens all the time, the waitress will give me the check, so I end up paying. I'm working on breaking this habit.1
Molfan (48)
I do not care if the tab is fairly close. but as Minkeydude pointed out this CAN go the other way. I would not think it very fair if we were splitting things even and someone had the most expensive thing on the menu, an appetizer, a few drinks and dessert.And yes I have seen people who have done this and expect the tab to be split up how greedy.I would not count nickels and dimes but if it were way too the other way I may avoid this person in the future. Maybe women are a bit more guilty of this but so are men.1
White Diamond (2)
I was recently having dinner in a restaurant and a group of 20 came in for dinner. It's pretty much a known fact that they don't do separate checks for groups that big. I sat and watched as this group of idiots damn near freaked out when they found out at the end of their meal, no separate checks. I have never seen so many people in such a twit trying to figure who had what, it was hilarious and they were all still complaining as they left the restaurant. Complete idiots. It's one thing to be frugal, it's another to be tight as coat of paint.2
minkeydude (28)
On the other end of the spectrum you always have the guy who had a couple appetizers, 5 drinks, the surf and turf, and dessert and says We're all friends here, lets just split the check equally2
CastleBee (83)
What irks me more than people getting all knotted up over nickles and dimes (and YES we women do tend to be more this way I believe) are people who try to tell you how much is enough for a tip. I picked up the tab once when eating out with my mother and aunt and then laid down a 20% tip. My aunt grabbed part of it, handed it back and informed me that you don't need to do that unless it's fine dining. Well, sorry auntie (I thought) I do it as a rule and especially when I get good service and put the money back on the table. Some people just have this need to control every freaking situation!2
CanadaSucks (35)
This didn't bother me in college but it is starting to piss me off now that I am a little older and working.5
abichara (54)
I always pay for 2 when I go out with a woman. Call me old fashioned, but I think that's the proper way. And yes, this goes even if it was the woman who asked you out. 3
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