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This is a personal ratings list created by mst3k4evr 
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1. DickDirk , on 4/27/2004 3:02:00 AM, said:

My best memory of childhood was in 1985, when my babysitter Wendy had parties in my place and raided my mom's liquor cabinet, while looking after me. I was three years old, and I would come down stairs and see a whole slew of fruity looking 80's kids making a mess. I didn't even give a sh**. I'd be like "hey I wanna stay up and watch Batman!" Old school Batman series was the s*** when I was 3! But no the sneaky little bitch wouldn't let me. "Go to bed." I'd be like, "I can still see the sun outside." "Go to bed or I'll tell your mom you said the A-word (A-S-S)." Then some random dillweed comes by and says "Oooohoohoohoo! The A-word" I was like "f***" cause it just so happened that the first time I ever used a curse word to some girl in the park, Wendy happened to be walking right by. But at that age I was only worried about my stinkin ass. I was worried about the consequences of swearing. I had no idea that having a party while babysitting could be so much worse. If I did, I wouldn't have taken that sh** from her. I would have pushed over some of those jack-offs sitting on the couch and said "You go to bed bitch! I'm watching Batman!" But in the end, the dumb-assed teens screwed themselves over. Wendy's dad phoned, asking my mom if her alcohol had been watered down. She had to come over and personally apoligize to me. Can you imagine being a toddler and your babysitter has to lean over and apoligize? What a sweet deal! It was like "Aha! Grown up! You got nothing on me!" Nothing even happened to me, and I didn't even have to do s***. My mom would ask me "Did you see anyone drinking out of one of these bottles?" They were doing a lot of things. What did I care? I don't hold any grudge against Wendy. Infact I think about this story, and it really is the only memory from that time that makes me laugh today. Wendy was a lot more leniant than my other babysitters. She would let me watch Batman sometimes, and when I begged her hard enough, she would let me stay up later if I did really demeaning things, like dancing with broomsticks. Plus she was damn sexy, and by that I mean a drop dead gorgious blonde with that 80's short crimped hair. Wasn't no wonder why she brought the party with her wherever she went. If I was her age, I'd be going to those parties, smackin the hell out of any punk that is drooling over her, and basically end the party so that me and Wendy can f*** like jackrabbits. But of course I'm not a total jerk. I would have atleast let the kid watch Batman.
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2. PBeavr , on 3/26/2004 9:13:00 PM, said:

This year isn't a complete loss since "Night Heat" began airing this year. A nicely done Canadian cop drama. However I did have a brother murdered this year. We weren't close (he was 10 years older) but it was still a sad time.
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3. Chauncey , on 1/27/2004 9:56:00 PM, said:

Probably the worst year I ever lived in. Homeless problem was on the rise; the invention of "crack" hit the ghettos; the gap between the rich and poor was wider than ever; Lakers won the title; Michael Jackson was still a man; Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl; Reagan's popularity continued; the Yanks hire and fire Billy Martin for the 4th time. Death of Roger Maris; Michael Jordan completed his rookie year. Etc ... it was simply a terrible year for me.
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1985: Showing comments 1-3 of 3

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