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noskcaj (0)
Just another political hack looking out for his best interest. France and Germany's happens to be Iraq (country ran by a thug that did not have WMDs or anything to do with 9/11) and Ours are Saudi Arabia and China. Two other nations that would be happy to line you up against a wall and shoot if one was inclined to talk about freedom. France is all about the money, so is the United States and every other capitalist nation in the world. Without France there might not have been a United States. France backed up against the British cause that is where the money was and the strategic benefit. We deal with thugs in china cause there is money in $5 sneakers that can be sold for $150. Nevermind we are creating a superpower that will have to be dealt with in the next 20 years. All about the $$.

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OneHungryMonster (2)
People hate him?

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abichara (67)
Jacques Chirac is rated amongst the most hated persons ever? Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, the Son of Sam, Stalin, Mao, Torquemada, Jacques Chirac? I'm sorry, this man doesn't deserve to be on the list of cold and bloodthirsty killers. He's just a politician and a fairly ineffective one at that. The question about invading Iraq wasn't about simply liberating the people from a menacing dictator, it goes beyond being the great army of good bringing civilization to the poor Iraqi's and destroying evil Saddam Hussein. Frankly I find that attitude arrogant at best, who are we to tell them that we have a better civilization? The Iraqi's are highly educated and they have a culture that they're proud of, one that goes back many millenia. As for the French, I can see why they wouldn't want to join us. I considered Chirac's tactics underhanded, but that's diplomacy. At the end of the day, they are still our allies economically and militarily. French opposition was based on the fact that they have had experiences in colonizing the Middle East that haven't been positive. We've also ignored the fact that we're not the only players in the world community. I'm not one who advocates collective security as a means to guarantee peace, but we must acknowledge that foreign policy isn't made in a vaccum. To vilify Chirac as a terrorist is uncalled for. The world isn't a morally clear place, we can't be naive and silly about these things.

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ClassicTVFan47 (38)
A fool who was bribed by Saddam Hussein thanks to the UN's corrupt oil-for-food program. Delayed the liberation of a repressed people due to his own greed and stupidity.

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Anonymous (1)
Jacques Chirac has done nothing to warrant being on this list. It's truly pitiful how some people think he is one of the most hated people ever, in the class of dictators such as Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. He is a democratically elected leader. I actually admire him for his opposition to the Iraq war.

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jamestkirk (24)
I'm no fan of his, but, like Bush, Clinton and Carter, he is no murderer nor terrorist and has no business being placed on such a list as this.

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