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Overall Rating:2.56 based on 9 ratings
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BrookeBurn (0)
Traci Lords is the ultimate phoenix she changed everythings in her life and she's getting better in her acting! I'm in owe of her...

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James76255 (17)
Is she still around to take seriously? A couple of points: She didn't make sure her tapes were illegal, the law did. She was underage when she made them. If it was all some master plan to make a ton of money, then have the tapes disappear, why did she then make more porn movies after turning 18?

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pabob (2)
What? You mean some individuals take her seriously? I certainly hope these individuals aren't in decision-making positions....

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edt4 (99)
She probably is as calculating and shrewd as her detractors have claimed. Still, some of her erstwhile porno colleagues try to come across in the interviews I've seen as ethical bastions of integrity who were betrayed by a sociopathic, lying tramp, and I find that to be disingenuous at best. I am adamantly opposed to censorship, but let's face it, the porno business is, and always was, an ugly and exploitative industry. Barring the stories of the late Linda Lovelace, nobody is forced to act in it (certainly no one is forced to watch it) and probably most of its performers don't end up like Shauna Grant or Savannah, but it's hard to believe they live healthy, happy lives once they retire, or that their financial situation is anything but penurious. For the most part, the only ones who seem to enjoy the immense profits generated by porno are the people who produce it. And, yes, I've heard about the wealth of Jenna Jameson, but I think she definitely is the exception rather than the rule. It's doubtful that Lords will ever be more than a fringe or cult performer, but considering that she emerged from an industry that tends to use and/or abuse its performers routinely before spitting them out and abandoning them to whatever cruelties life has in store for them (what is the shelf life of a porno performer? 3 years? 5 years?), it's almost refreshing to see Lords still making a respectable if not exactly lucrative living all these years later and exploiting those who would have and did exploit her. Three cheers...

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kolby1973 (32)
Believe it or not, but I do think Traci Lords is very intelligent. Not only did she intentionally screw over the adult entertainment industry to her advantage, but she made tons of money doing it and then made sure all of her videos were illegal for purchase later on. So because of this, it can be difficult for porn fans to find her tapes. And I do truly feel that she is trying to become legitimate, so yeah, I would take her seriously.

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