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twansalem (47)
An extremely interesting topic. I almost decided to get a history minor, but a horrible history professor my freshmen year made me rethink that. I didn't take another history class until I was a junior. That class was awesome, but by that point it was too late to pick up a history minor and still graduate in four years.

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Genevieve Grace (0)
It is good to know where we come from. College History classes are beneficial.

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bell017 (2)
I love history, and it would be my degree if I had not been so thoroughly discouraged by my university professors (who teach the subject.) Unless you get something beyond a Bachelors in this field, from what I understand it isn't going to be a very lucrative career. If you love history, however, please don't let anyone discourage you from this field.

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HistoryFan (102)
I received my bachelor's degree in history recently because I wanted to be a professional historian/history professor. I want to teach but not anyone under 18 years of age (I have little patience for kids plus, I'm super sensitive). However, I met with a career counselor at the jr. college I transferred from and found out all sorts of cool stuff I could do with a history major. I could have a writing career (I love writing...could've double-majored in English if I wanted) or I could go into library science, a career in politics, law, college counseling, college advising, archival work, or be a museum curator. Mixxin, I did not study "4 years of b.s." History is extremely relevant. It may not be relevant to all aspects of life but it is important to society, socicio-economics, fiance, and our political structures.

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numbah16tdhaha (164)
I suppose I must have a favorable opinion of it. (numbah is a history major)

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mixxin (0)
Not a bad subject in itself, but you really can't do anything with a BA in history. Now, I like history, but.... a BA in history really means that you've managed to remember 4 years of b.s.

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kingguiness (13)
You wont get rich but you should be able to get a decent job in a few different fields. Politics is a possibility.

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CanadaSucks (51)
Look, I love history. But it's an easy major meant for (1) historians or (2) undergrads trying to pad their GPA for law school.

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AETim (0)
Being my major, I can not force myself to find something bad to say about history. All I will say is this...It teaches you A LOT about life. I have learned more about my life and my values and morals than I think I could have learned studying any other subject, with the possible exception of Theology. But hey, that's pretty self-explanatory.

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Poison Tongue (0)
ahhhh i hate north american history with a passion, its so boring. i'd never take it as a major for post secondary education, i wish i had the option to take bio or world issues instead because i'll never use grade 11 history. it's a waste of one of my classes because there's other things that i could and should be taking during that time slot, but can't because it's manditory. Maybe if history was an optional in high school the idea of getting a degree in it wouldn't bug me so much. The point is that it's not that useful unless you specifically need it.

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chrisk1177 (0)
Yeah right. Get a job and then move out of your parents house.

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tvtator (6)
I have a degree in history, and although I took a different career path I don't regret getting it because I enjoyed the subject. A degree in history can lead you to careers in education, politics, a library, business, journalism and more. It teaches you about research, good analytical skills, good writing and communication skills.

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JeanMachine1 (0)
this was my major and I liked it a lot--of course I am financially secure so I didn't have to look for a job either in history specifically--but I am working for the late late show with craiggers kilborn--so does that count as putting the history to work? thanks

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