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barbkaye57 (0)
Nice to know but what a waste of time. What kind of job can you get other than teaching?

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zuchinibut (47)
You might learn a lot of interesting things, but it doesn't help you focus on any specific fields. As a major, its not that beneficial.

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twinmom101 (33)
Technically, Classics are the study of ancient Greece and Rome. I took several Classics courses and loved most of them. Greek and Latin are no fun but it can be exhilarating to read Cato in the original text once language skills are up to par. The best class I ever took was Latin Paleography which involved reading ancient manuscripts in their original form. Challenging, but for an ancient civ. geek like me, a whole lotta fun!

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abichara (67)
The study of ancient civilizations is pretty interesting. It shows that really at base humans haven't really changed all that much. The only thing is that we live much more comfortably right now because of technology. You get to learn Greek and Latin as part of the curriculum and you learn about the ancient Greek and later Roman customs.

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