Cincinnati Tattoo Studio

Cincinnati Tattoo Studio
4951 Glenway Ave
Cincinnati ,  OH   45238
United States
Phone: (513) 921-3308
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Susan Mchearon

Cincinnati Tattoo Studio 1

Cincinnati Tattoo is the worst bunch of foul mouthed, dirty drug addicts I have ever seen in my life. They were beyond rude, they were BELIGERENT, racist, smelly and offensive. The shop was FILTHY and I dont see why ANYONE would go there. EVER. There are Clean friendly studios right down the street

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Cincinnati Tattoo Studio 5

Would I do this again? Yes. There is a quick pinch felt and then the CBR is installed. The first 24 hrs. there is a little bleeding. Then for about 72 hrs. it is a bit tender with work or other movement activities. Follow; "After Care Procedures" from your Piercer, and you'll have no problems. Wait til it heals 3-4 weeks before intercourse and becareful until you both get used to it. Women become happy a customer(s) as well especially when you gage up to a larger size. Started @ 14 gage and am at 8 gage in less than a year. You only live once.

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Cincinnati Tattoo Studio 5

i got my first body piercing (navel) done here. they were great, first it was the cheapest place in the city and the most sterile! chris led me to the back after i picked out my jewelry and sterlized it while he dotted by bellybutton, he then told me to breathe got a brandnew needle fromt he package and before i knew it i was pierced. it hurt when he put the ring in but i am over it they were careful to make sure i was ok before i left and they have a great selection of jewelry!

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