The Worthing Company

The Worthing Company
800 Mount Vernon Hwy Nw
Atlanta ,  GA   30327-4322
United States
Phone: (770) 522-5775
Added on 01/07/2005
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The Worthing Company 1

The oaks at Stonecrest are some of the worst apartments in Lithonia. I have been here for four years now and have seen numerous changes take into effect between the transition of new onwership to new management. However, Back in February The Worthing Company decided to put one of the worst management staff available over here in a long time. Everybody is rude and lack a sense of professionalism and forget about repairs being down, I am going through week to with no AC and its above 85 degrees in my house with small children. The last time I check, it's the residents who make a check possible for you guys, so make us want to live here!!!!! I'm so breaking my lease!!!!!!!!

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The Worthing Company 1

I think that the people at CAMBRIDGE APARTMENTS in Loganville are so disrespectful. They are not too concerned about helping the clients as they come in the door. I waited almost 15 min. in the lobby of this complex just wanting to look at the apartments, no one ever came from the back to help me only someone yelled from the back "I'll be with you shortly" come to find out it was the property Manager speaking in that tone. RUDE---- Her cell phone rang twice and she answered it both times as I was standing out there. Which from listening didn’t sound like business but who knows? As I was about to leave after being frustrated she decided to come out and say "CAN I HELP YOU" I gladly said NO THANK YOU and walked out.....

She didn't apologize or anything which pissed me off even more.....Customer Service as of 9-2-2009 is very unacceptable.....Will not be living there as long as she is the property manager.

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The Worthing Company 1

Disrespectful company. Dont appreciate their residents. You can do waaaaaaay better.

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The Worthing Company 5

No one builds more amazing luxury apartment communities than The Worthing Companies.

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