Julian Lecraw Company

Julian Lecraw Company
1575 Northside Dr Nw Ste 200
Atlanta ,  GA   30318-4235
United States
Phone: (404) 352-2800
Added on 01/07/2005
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i understand that this organization just bought the 4 seasons apartment complex in norcross, ga. i wonder if they have any idea what a hole they've dug themselves into with this one? it will be most interesting to see what they can do to clean-up this slum-level community and restore it to the great place to live it once was! i wonder if they know that it will cost millions to fix plumbing, electrical, and structural problems that have plagued this community for years; while on the other hand the need to hire sufficient and willing law enforcement personnel to clean-up the apartment break-ins, wanton damage to apartment strucutrues, gang wars, vandalizm and habitual car thefts, etc? i wonder if those they bought this property from were up front, honest, and ethical about the breadth and depth of the drug problems on this property and how solidly entrenched the Mexican Maffia is here. problems the last management group did nothing about? i wonder if the Julian LaCraw Co. understands the scope of internal apartment repairs that are mounting up because of the ineptness and the "i don't give a s--t attitude" of the complex manager, her crew, and the lazy, good-for-nothing maintenance manager?

while it is way too early for anyone to critique Julian LaCraw's future efforts here, they certainly have started off on the wrong foot, when it comes to the apartment complex in terms of who they have retained to manage and maintain this property. this is a crew of the most lying, two-faced, lazy, scumbags who certainly have no business being employed by an organization with this repute. i believe the manager even claims to be an ordained minister? that is almost too much to believe given that i and so many others living here can prove where she has repeatedly lied to tenants and just pain ignored "life or death" emergency situations. on-the-other-hand, the maintenance manager does nothing more than sit in that nice, compfy, air-conditioned office and answers the telephone; and then stands over the maintenance crew with a bullwhip while paying them virtually nothing.

i'll sum up here by simply saying to the Julian LeCraw Co., "the first step you need to take is to hire on a caring manager and a hand's-on maintenance supervisor. secondly, you can make immense changes to the betterment of this community by addressing the real issues rather than masking and lying about them as the the present management team does so well.


one who knows the truth

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Julian Lecraw Company 4

Great Atlanta-based real estate developer, owner, and manager. Privately owned parent company owns all apartment communities, so they have an interest in keeping all communities in the best possible condition.

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