Azalea Park Apartments

Azalea Park Apartments
8805 Dunwoody Pl
Atlanta ,  GA   30350-2905
United States
Phone: (770) 643-8200
Added on 01/07/2005
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Azalea Park Apartments 1

I have lived here for three years. Overall, it has not been terrible, but it has not been very good either. There are obvious maintainance issues: roaches, loose wooden support beams (right under my apartment on the lower level), trash all over the parking lots constantly, front gates that frequently are out of order and my biggest issue, the run down equiptment in the gym that does not work! There was one treadmill that was still operational and finally, it has stopped working too! The chairs and tables at the poolside have not been cleaned in God knows how long! The managers and staff in the office are very unconcerned about any semblance of customer service. One day while trying to work out, the air conditioning in the gym was turned off and it felt like a sauna. I went next door to ask the property manager if he could come turn the air on. He told me that he had a lot of paperwork in front of him and stuff he needed to do. At my insistance, he had a young woman working in the office come turn the air on, with an irritated look on his face and in his demeanor. There is just a general sense of contempt, laziness and lack of respect that pervades the entire staff at Azalea Park Apartments at Dunwoody Place. Overall, I would not recommend someone to live here, even though it was not completely 'unlivable', there is much better you can find. I leave at the end of July 07. DO NOT RENT THERE!!!

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Azalea Park Apartments 2

We have become very disillusioned with Azalea Park. We have been loyal residents for nine years and we are being treated worse than the new residents. There was an attempt to steal one of our children's bikes followed by a teenager grabbing our six year old on the playground and trying to run away with him. We have also had to call several times to have the gates unlocked so our children don't have to climb a fence to get to their school bus. We have complained several times about a delivery truck that is parked illegally in our parking lot. Nobody at the front office (if you can actually find them) returns our calls or does anything about it. It has been very frustrating.

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