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Overall Rating: 3.56 based on 73 ratings

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Jimiam (0)
This chick is not attractive to me. Don't know what all the hype over this girl is about.She is not ugly but just ok for me. If she was in my bed; however, I probably would not kick her out. Probably has a nice peach down there though.1
sfalconer (21)
Angelina has a different look about her that makes her exotic. After seeing her in Gina I was hooked, shes on my list.3
scarletfeather (39)
I probably shouldn't be commenting on this list since I'm not a guy or a lesbian. Anyway, I'm willing to give Angelina Jolie credit for having unique looks but I cant get past those enormous lips. Scary! UPDATE: Still feel the same way. She's beatiful, but very weird, and I think if Brad Pitt thinks they'll be together for more than a few years...well, he's deluding himself. 4
chrystalbelle72 (0)
Please go away.. go live in another country. You know.. there are millions of children in America that would have loved to have been apdopted too.. but.. you don't care.. all you care about is yourself.. you are conceited and into taking other peoples men. Why do you condemn your father??? when you sit there and are no better than him? You are totally useless. 1
goldilocks (7)
I disagree with most of the posting here. I think she tries way too hard to look sexy and be different. 1
Coco57 (0)
Angelina Jolie always looks amazing, her lips, her eyes, wow. She's one of those people who can always look sexy without trying. For those of you saying that her lips are too big or whatever, cut the crap, you're just jealous. She's an incredible actress, and can play so many different roles. I think she is so talented, and just an all around awesome person who cares about the world.3
CanadaSucks (38)
Absolutely horrible actress who should be in porn but still gets roles beause of her attractiveness. . .keeps adopting kids for PC reasons and doesn't want something like a pregnancy mess with her film career. . .puts on a 'tough-crazy-chick' act to stir up publicity. . .what a joke. . .but what a body.3
chick affair (0)
shes is the most beautifulest woman i have ever seen probably! my god she is absolutly perfect, except her teeth and shes too skinny and extremely pale, but besides that she has everything that i want and i can honestly say i can get very depressed when looking at her.1
candytuft (0)
scrawny legs, no waist, horrible lips, hideous nose. She's also an attention hog and a liar. Does anyone really believe she's bi? The woman she supposedly had an affair with denies it. What a bore. I wish people would stop telling her she's the sexiest woman in the world, as it has clearly gone to her head.2
dpostoskie (7)
Inside and out.0
X Factor Z (11)
A beautiful ,although kinda freaky, girl who would rather help folks than party. Her legs or figure aren't that outstanding, but the overall package is very appealing.0
Wavebacker (25)
She would be one wild, crazy, unpredictable chick to be with.....and you'd love every minute of it. Blowj*b lips alone make her five stars.2
souljunkie (22)
Very hot natural body including what I think are real, great breasts. She is somehow seemingly freaky and slutty which makes her really sexy. Not someone I'd like to date or get to know well hypothetically, but in my younger days, I would have been open to the futon boogie. 1
DRoxas (1)
Hot body....and those lips!!! Even hotter as Lora Croft than the video game!!!....and the fun of her being just a wee bit nuts intrigues me for some reason....lol2
LanceRoxas (41)
I love the lips and smile. Nice bod. Very sexy. 6
Blooeyz2001 (0)
Ugly, tattooed, & dirty looking with giant lips & bush baby eyes. 0
Aurielle (20)
She's really cleaned up a lot since divorcing Billy Bob . . . she no longer goes to award shows looking like Morticia Addams. She has that sultry kind of beauty that men are attracted to and women wish they had. She looks good in gowns and in jeans. Sometimes, though, she looks a little stuck-up -- and it seems like she very well may be, considering she doesn't allow good-looking women to stand next to her during filmings or at award shows . . . sad, really.2
ergrggv (0)
oh those lips2
coleslough (1)
kolby1973 (28)
Angelina is just too nasty for words..and I absolutely hate those lips. Good God ! HOWEVER...I am sure she has her good points too. We must not ever judge someone entirely on their looks I reckon.2
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