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Athletes praising god for helping them score

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irishgit (102)
I may not be much of a Christian but I'd like to think God has something better to do than run a pick so some point guard can hit one, or crackback a linebacker so some running back can bust a long TD.

On the other hand, considering the shape the world is in, maybe God sits around with the remote, betting the spread and helping out the odds now and then.
numbah16tdhaha (129)
God only takes sides in very rare instances!3
IgnatiusJReilly (73)
So let me get this straight, God likes the White Sox but hates the Astros? That clerly doesn't make sense. It's your own ability that wins games, not some beleive in a make believe old guy watching and controlling us from the sky. 6
Gentle Jude (25)
This is only wrong if they are just paying cheap lip service to God. But maybe some of them genuinely want to give thanks to God. But I suppose the whole point is to glorify God, but if people, even Christians get annoyed by this, I don't see the point of doing it that way anyway.1
caligula (3)
I usually find it funny. Apparently God's been too busy watching sports and picking winners to end world suffering. Actually it's a pretty rational explanation when you think about it.1
Redoedo (41)
Does this mean that one should blame God when they DO NOT score?2
conhusk (0)
I'm not such called a religious one, but in this case, god is used in a sense to motivate athletes for whatever good things to happen, because who would think of something greater than 'god' ? the funny thing is recently I heard Kobe mention the word god this season after the sexual charges he had, which I've never heard of him mentioning it prior that season0
kolby1973 (29)
Of course I don't feel the creator has anything to do with how well we do in sports...but there really isn't anything wrong with thanking your god for anything...because god does deserve all the thanks we can give him...1
Byrdiohead (0)
I am appaled. So what if an athelete wants to thank God after he scores. You atheist jerks. 3
jgls (3)
always sounds incredibly phony, and never fails to make me wince.4
CanadaSucks (35)
Why don't they blame God when they drop the ball?5
StanUzbeck (13)
This is one of my biggest peeves with sports. It is simply false modesty, because they know that they would sound like total jerks if they said that they won the game cause they're so damn good and gifted. Also, if they're going to thank God for allowing them to score, they should also be willing to blame God for letting the ball slip through their hands, or for their season-ending knee dislocation. Yes, John, I would just like to take this time to thank God for allowing that interception and costing us the game. Way to go, Lord! It's just a way to be all cocky and claiming the glory without sounding like you are. Think about it, if God helped you win, you must be extra worthy in His eyes. Arrogant bulls--t.1
LadyShark4534 (13)
Can you just picture the outrage some Alabama Christians would have if a Muslim athlete were to get up and quote a verse from the Koran stating Allah wanted his team to win. I think that when you Christians say to God, Thank you for helping me defeat the others. You are implying that God only cares about one person.3
President -X-D (6)
Very annoying. Both teams players always say that God is on their side, and then of course one of them has to lose. God doesn't CARE about your performance on the football field etc.1
kamylienne (70)
. . . if both teams pray to God before the game to win, then does that mean the team that won is favored by god and is somehow more righteous? Not quite sure how this works.2
magellan (125)
I'm torn on this one. Yes it is ridiculous to think that God wants the Rams to beat the Niners (or whoever to beat whoever), but at the same time, there is always great unintentional comedy value. I especially love watching the interviewer's expression when Kurt Warner starts going into one of his spiels.6
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