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Gary Sinise 5

I seriously don't understand why Gary Sinise gets overlooked. Haven't directors seen 'Forrest Gump' as Sinise portrayed Lt. Dan? And his portrayal of Harry S Truman in 'Truman' was spectacular! Underrated? You bet! Gary Sinise deserves far more credit than he has gotten.

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Gary Sinise 4

Yes, but he's headed for that weird category of 'so often underrated he's now overrated'. . .but check out this Sinese gem- "Of Mice and Men". . .talk about a great film that only 23 people saw. . .

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Gary Sinise 5

I just watched Forest Gump this past weekend for maybe the 100th time and Gary Sinese never fails to crack me up at several points along the way. I especially love his little out of control trip down the icy ramp as he's yelling because Forest won the Congressional Medal of Honor. "Well, God BLESS America!" Even though his character is so funny - you still feel his frustration and angst so well. I know he works but he is still someone I would term as an underrated actor that you don't see nearly enough.

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Gary Sinise 2

Drug addict

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