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minkeydude (32)
Travelling home from Estes Park two Sundays ago, I decided to stop by Boulder and see if I could find the former Ramsey house.  I had watched a special a few days prior that actually listed the address and I made note of it.  Approaching it I felt kind of spooked out, but I stopped anyway to check it out.  It was a nice place but totally dark and a few plastic bags were scattered around the yard although rumor has it the house was sold.  People like me contribute to the fact that bizarre cases are given way too much media attention because if it's on the news I'll check it out.  If the networks and papers draw masses of viewers and readers, they're going to do their job and provide coverage.  They're a business it's that simple and they need to get ratings.  I sort of get a kick out of people who complain in a fury about how cases like JonBenet Ramsey, OJ Simpson, Anna Nicole Smith, etc etc, get way too much media coverage, but by complaining about it you're talking about the case to your friends and contributing to their interest, thereby only adding fuel to the fire.  The best way to get the media to stop covering something would be to shut off your tv, don't buy the newspaper or magazines with these cases on the cover, and otherwise completely ignore the case.5
narsissy (0)
WHO CARES ALREADY!!??? WHY do people even care on about this NOW? The ultimate lesson is that YOU breeders shouldn't put your children in those SICK AND DEMENTED ABUSE situations like pageants. The media is just feeding and continues fueling this TIRED and POINTLESS story because you continue to purchase the media that produces such stories... If anyone really cared about this they would boycott the fear-driven media. Just like the fake orange and red security lies that our current regime puts out to scare you all of Muslims. I for one am on the side of the Muslims -- America is the ultimate terrorist. The Tammi Faye Baker (I mean Jon-Bennet) story is just more fear-driven hype like any other fear-driven media story that they thinks up -- WHY DO YOU THINK THEY CALL THEM 'PROGRAMS'??!! BECAUSE IT IS YOU -- the unaware consumer that is being programmed. So if you'd like to make a REAL difference -- BOYCOTT FOX, and ANY network that feeds you fear, because THAT is the ultimate goal -- to keep you SCARED enough to vote for a criminal like BU$H. BETTER YET -- FLEE the US like any thinking American would -- I'm sure there are a lot of countries that would grant us asylum from the most violent country on the planet-- and the one that uses the MOST of the worlds resources....all for GREED and POWER. We have more prisoners than Russia and China combined. Time to stop thinking about that little girl and think for your SELF -- You've all been manipulated by Rupert Murdocks war on Journalism. BOYCOTT THE war on Journalism and help get him and the BU$H administration in PRISON where they belong -- they've broken the Geneva convention inumerable times and I for one can't wait to see BUSH, Rice, and the rest of the people put in prison where they belong. OH -- and Happy Jesus birthday -- the FIRST FEAR- DRIVEN media frenzy EVER -- we are constantly force-fed the image of a nude and bloody man who willingly accepts the torture of a Supreme act of Sado-Masochism that no man has been able to live up to. Happy CHRIST- MASS! ( I mean 'Happy Apolcalypse......0
scarletfeather (39)
I agree with GoneAway that the mother killed JonBenet Ramsey. It's also possible, as suggested by CastleBee, that JonBenet was murdered in a fit of rage. I think it's likely that the father helped cover up this murder. The Ramseys are one sick couple and I suppose they are patting each other on the back for getting away with their crime. Money may not buy happiness, but it can help you get away with murder.3
CastleBee (82)
This has always seemed like a case of child abuse or at least an adult temper tantrum gone lethal. Whatever the case, I don't think it will ever be solved now - at least not in this lifetime.4
RainbowBrite72315 (2)
The parents did it...2
amandabeckett (0)
I can't believe how dumb people think we are why write a ransom note if the little girl is in the basment plus there was no phone call and he knew he found her when he saw the white blanket to me there were very careless it like they watched a couple of movies and figured they can get a way with it and to me just because there not in jail they are going to pay for it and it is going to hurt really bad.1
LadyShark4534 (13)
I cannot believe no one ever found out who killed her. C'mon! It's not a big mystery! The girl was found in her own basement. Doesn't that give a hint of a clue? Jon Bennet's body was found with sperm traces on it. The blood found on Jon Bennet's underwear was tested for DNA. Jon Bennet's mother's handwriting was on the ransom note!2
StanUzbeck (15)
Are people still talking about this case? She was killed years ago. The media have a way of wringing every last drop from every scandal, and then hauling out the desiccated carcass for another round. It's absolutely sickening the way little girls are sexualized in this society. They will be sexually active soon enough, there's no need to make them into little adults when they are six years old. Little girls are murdered every day, the only thing special about Jon-Benet is that she looked about seventeen - which is very, very wrong.1
kamylienne (77)
That poor girl, it's a shame that tabloids won't leave the girl alone even after she's been dead for so long. It's sick how this girl died in such a horrible way, and the tabloids exploit it shamelessly. 4
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