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Overall Rating: 4.08 based on 13 ratings

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Jamie McBain (37)
The guy who did it, was a scum bag of the highest level. Please, enough is enough already.1
kattwoman (24)
the fact that laci and connor were taken from this world in the manner they were was a senseless trajedy. the fact that it got so much media attention will hopefully bring the result that they did not die in vain. i know from experience that before laci peterson and lori hacking i would have never thought that my husband could have been capable of killing me. but after these two died i started to think if it could possibly happen to me and sure enough i found out he was trying to poison me which i was able to get away alive but not with enuf evidence to prosecute. if it wasn't for the attention given these 2 murders i would not be here either. so at least the public become more aware of things in situations like this and hopefully it continues to save others from becoming victims of those they vowed to love and trusted so much2
Lil Peapot (0)
Scott did it, Convict him, so we can then rate the coverage of his execution!0
RainbowBrite72315 (2)
He did it! May Laci & Conner rest in peace.2
abichara (57)
As bad of a crime that this was, I could see about 1,000 things that are more important than the Laci Peterson case. The media is killing this story to death for a few reasons. The abortion issue has been brought up in this case. Laci was seven months pregnant and under a new law inspired by this murder, her husband is now liable for the death of the baby along with his wife. What constitutes the beginning of life was an issue debated in the courtroom. But the real reason why the media is giving this so much play is that, as Castlebee pointed out, this is a couple that most Americans can sympathize with. Hundreds and thousands of murders take place every year, why do these people take precedence above them all? News editors really have a lot of power in this country, if they want to make Laci Peterson a big story, then they will. The OJ case taught the media bigwigs that these types of stories bring in viewers along with dollars. It also helps that Scott Peterson's lawyer specializes in celebrity cases; this Gerigos guy knows how the play the media and keep them interested. Even in the middle of the Iraq war, the newspeople would keep us updated on the progress of this case, as if national security depended on it. The media seriously has some misplaced priorities if they think that this story is so important. It says a lot about the nature of the industry if they place this on the same category as war and peace. But it's a story that has grown legs, so don't expect it to disappear anytime soon. 3
scarletfeather (39)
This was a terrible and hateful crime, but the media has just gone overboard on it. As my mom used to say, Please! Don't tell me no more!1
CastleBee (82)
I think there are sveral reasons this murder case became a media obsession. First and most obvious, this crime seemed especially hateful because this young woman was about to give birth. Secondly, like the JonBenet killing, it took place at Christmas. Sadly though, I believe the main reason it has remained in the news as long as it has is due to the fact that it involved an attractive, young, upwardly moble white couple and therefore, was felt to have audience appeal. 5
LadyShark4534 (13)
We do not need to know that her baby had been decapitated.2
Molfan (53)
i am giving this a four to say how MUCH I am sick of hearing about this murder case. I am sorry for her, the baby and her family, but she is not the only victim out there who has been murdered, come up missing. there are lots of others whose families are going through the same thing yet her case is getting all of the attention. why? 6
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