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Overall Rating: 3.09 based on 11 ratings

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irishgit (122)
Well if you buy the myth, at least Jack had the taste to jump Marilyn.

You'd think Clinton could have learned from his hero's example and invited Meg Ryan or Cameron Diaz or Kathleen Turner to the White House.

At least then he wouldn't need to lie about it he could brag about it. Hell, I'd lie about Monica too, out of embarrassment if nothing else.
CastleBee (82)
This one persists somewhat because by the time we all found out about it, the people involved were dead and their personas had gone from celebrity to legendary icons. At least back when it was taking place the world was spared not only the knowledge of it, but also the gory details. Of course, that doesnt apply any longer and we've heard a boat load since. I don't even seek this stuff out yet for some reason, like magically knowing lyrics of a song I don't even like, I still have some of them burned in my brain. In a small, persistent fly-buzzing-around-my-head kind of way I rather resent that.5
Redoedo (42)
Well after the notorious (and sexy) Happy Birthday Mr. President performance, can you blame the media for becoming obsessed? 2
scarletfeather (39)
The whole JFK-MM thing has been run into the ground. Poor Marilyn was just one of many.2
kolby1973 (28)
The fact that most people know what the initials JFK and MM stand for together, it tells you that the media was obviously obsessed with these 2 people....4
IgnatiusJReilly (79)
My god! It was forty years ago. let it rest already.3
Jed1000 (75)
I don't know why they don't let this one go. You'd think that after the (arguably) more salacious Bill & Monica story this one would finally be laid to rest.5
forgotten hero (13)
JFK has been dead for almost 40 years. I think it's time that we let him rest and stop gossiping over his grave.2
LadyShark4534 (13)
It is none of our buisiness what JFK did with Marilyn Monroe. That was his personal life, not ours. The only woman who had any buisiness looking into it was Jackie Onassis. I don't support adultery, but JFK had every right to privacy.1
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