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Michael Jackson

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Djahuti (55)
This freak refuses to stay out of the news.Even creepier are his "fans" who camped outside of the trial.As long as people are obsessed with weirdo celebrities,the rest of us will have to endure the lurid hype.3
Bird808 (53)
You can understand the medias obsession with Michael Jackson, even when we look at the reviews on RIA they make up for some interesting reads and discussions. When you consider a man who had such a huge impact on the music indsutry and not just the US stand-point, but on a global scale you can understand the scrutiny that goes with it. This guy literally changed his appearance dramatically. I personally think he should have stopped during his "Thriller" days as now - well he looks like some evil clown from a kids knightmare party.5
Vudija (99)
So, I understand WHY it made the news to begin with, but enough is enough! I didn't need to see 6 clips per day of something that he did---we KNOW that he's strange, we don't need any more proof of that. After the trial began, the only thing that we needed to know, was the final judgement. I didn't need to see him walk out of court each day, dance on cars, come in his pjs or whatever else the media thought the public might care to be witness to. The circus is over, thank God!2
CastleBee (81)
Hey Michael, what kind of a bird doesn't fly?4
RainbowBrite72315 (2)
Almira Gulch (0)
I still think Michael and LaToya are one and the same. I love freak shows! Almira Gulch, Kansas0
abichara (54)
I honestly don't care about jury selection in his case; as a matter of fact, I'm getting very sick and tired of the celebrity trial thing.1
mikeholly93 (7)
very entertaining because it proves that Monkeyface is an evil child molesting, baby dangling freak who dangled his baby, molested a 12-year old kid at Pedophileland Ranch, and made up lies about the Santa Barbara cops abusing him when he got arrested.2
IgnatiusJReilly (80)
I am sick and tired of this story. If the police hurt is arm so bad he can't loft it over his head, why is there video of him waving enthusiasticly as he leaves the police station?7
reeny (3)
We have been inundated with enough MJ to last a lifetime. It's old now.4
LadyShark4534 (13)
My God! I don't want to know how Michael sleeps with little boys in the same bed at the Neverland Ranch!2
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