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Ben and J-Lo

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Vudija (99)
They're over and so is the un-necessary media attention. I couldn't have cared less what the two of them were up to, and it's sad that the media thinks the majority of the country is all that involved in the romantic aspects of their lives. Or maybe that's the problem---maybe some people actually DID care; some people seem to be overly obsessed with what celebrities are doing these days.4
Aurielle (20)
I used to actually like Ben Affleck (not that he's a good actor or anything, I just thought he was cute) but then I saw him on Jay Leno, and he said, Gee, right now I should be home making love to my fiance! and I thought I was going to throw up. Way too much info!1
Solenoid DH (21)
I just now had to ask my son who Ben and J-Lo are. That's how important this topic is to me.4
IgnatiusJReilly (80)
It was all a big publicity stunt that the media bought into.3
Jed1000 (79)
These two are another great example of the media deciding what WE are interested in. It's all about the media. Not about Ben and Jennifer.. not about us.3
scarletfeather (39)
Please, enough already on these two!1
tvtator (7)
I couldn't give a rats ass about these two.1
kamylienne (76)
I'm really tired of hearing about 'em, every day on the morning talk shows on the radio, even when I get on the internet, it's on the NEWS page of netscape, right next to the news of people dying in Iraq, as if their relationship was anywhere NEAR as important as that to the general public. It's not their fault that they're in the news, but I wish the reporters would keep them out of the front page!3
forgotten hero (13)
I knew this wouldn't last but that was when I thought that they would actually make it to the altar before going their seperate ways. So I'm only half right.1
LadyShark4534 (13)
Bet their marridge will last about 2 months. I'll wager good money on that! 1
Redoedo (41)
I don't have anything against these two, but what I do have a problem with is the media continuously intruding upon their private lives and then posting all of their findings all over the news. I could give a damn about these two. Just let them have their privacy!2
abichara (54)
Who really cares. Like this relationship was really going to work out in the first place. Both of these people get way too much press attention for doing absolutely nothing but pollute the movie theaters and the airwaves with their lousy acting & singing. J-Lo's personal life is not interesting either...All the people she dates are losers at any rate.2
CastleBee (81)
I can't think of two other people on earth that I am less interested in. If they don't stop talking about the breakup on the radio as I'm driving in to work I may be in danger of falling asleep and causing an accident. The only thing that keeps me from switching stations is that the DJ's are using it as comedy material. Obviously, they don't have to embellish it much.7
Molfan (54)
who cares if they, get married, break up, stay together? I almost feel sorry for them or any other celebrities the press refuses to leave alone. they are just people after all. 4
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