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Overall Rating:2.86 based on 14 ratings
ItemImageAmazon.com's review of "Songs About Jane": Maroon 5 isn't the first band to fuse R&B; and rock, but they certainly are one of the most convincing. One can almost hear Stevie Wonder's beaded dreadlocks clattering in time to their deep, funky grooves. At best, the band conjures up latter-day Motown, complete with a shuddering organ and hyperbolic vocals; at worst, they sound like a stylized boy band, with all the attendant close harmonies and dramatic pauses.

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Gloomyeeyore (6)
I like this album. My favorite song on this would have to be "This Love". The only problem is that a few of the songs are overplayed and I am starting to get sick of the songs.

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ILikePie (49)
Another chapter of the mainstream 'indie' garbage which seems to be circulating at the moment. Unbelievably bland

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primaxdonna (4)
i fell in love with this album the first time i heard it. every song is a masterpiece, but secret and sunday morning have to be my favorites. it is very sexual, with the lyrics seeming to mean many different things to each of us. it only gets better and better with time.

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kingguiness (11)
Yeah, ythey're good but overrated and overplayed.

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fut. struc. engineer (0)
This album rocked, and I loved almost every song. Rocking was especially Shiver, Harder to Breathe, and Sweetest Goodbye.

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