Sunset Gardens Apartments

Sunset Gardens Apartments
5335 N 18th St
Phoenix ,  AZ   85016-3340
United States
Phone: (602) 277-9073
Added on 12/22/2004
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Sunset Gardens Apartments 1

This place is a dump !

The apartments here are manged by Sunrise management company out of San Diego CA. and owned by Canadian slumlords.

There is a large sign saying newly renovated apartments under new ownership on Missouri AVE.
Say's 1 and 2 bedroom apartments.

The renovation is a real joke, they started by painting a ugly dark brown on the out side of the buildings, and used green

trim, and then stopped painting, maybe the will change it or not.

The painted over termite infested weather roting wood, and used bathroom caulking to fill in roted holes, made by the roof rats that also infest the building.

The windows are single pane glass with seals that roted along time ago. they have 80% heat loss so says S.R.P. the electric company.

the walls as well as the roofs are all uninsulated. The East facing and the West facing wall will heat up in the

summer on the inside to over 100* F. the bedroom closet will heat up to over 100*F. in the summer and be cold in the winter.

The pipes are made of corrugated steel and are all very corroded on the inside, resulting in rust water and pieces of metal in your water.

The pipes run on the ground level on the East walls and West wall inches from the tar parking lot surface,

causing the pipes to heat the water to over 180*F in the summer. You will need to run the cold water for over 5 minutes to get it warm, not even cold.

If you do not like bugs,mold and mildew in your apartment they will spray, but they will always return. the doors are

warped, and unsealed and allow heat and cold to get in and out.

The apartments have a grass courtyard in the middle were kids can play, but because of this you will here the children

screaming, and the landscapers mowers, as if the are in your living room with you. So forget about making a call on the phone, or watching T.V. or sleeping late.

The bedroom windows face the parking lot, and the Street and in some apartments the court yard. Good luck sleeping on Sunday !

Crime: Yes even here. Cars broken into and catalytic converters removed.

As for the management: nasty, but not when first meeting, later after you have moved in. Backstabbers liars.

Maintenance: Good luck getting them to do the work in a month !

Do not be fooled by anything they write to contradict this posting you will regret renting from them if you do take a chance that is !

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