Chains of Love

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"Chains of Love" is a reality TV show featuring four singles chained to a member of the opposite sex who cuts off his/her prospective dates until one remains. (Add picture)

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callmetootie (3)
So bad it's funny! 0
DebT23 (0)
just when i thought i couldnt be anymore disgusted by reality television. 2
cellomaster (0)
Is this how far we have sunk?? Survivor sucked (a little...) and Temptation Island was a joke. But Chains of Love? Here is the simple deal: Four single males are chained to a female (or vice-versa) and the single female gets to decide over a period of time which of the four are given money and sent away. The remaining "date" gets the largest amount of money (out of 10K) and has to decide if she wants to continue a relationship with him. In the only episode I watched, the final date took the money and ran. I don't blame her. Try this: pay ME to watch this crap. 2
reeny (3)
What a complete waste of airtime! Watching a bunch of guys chained to a girl or a bunch of girls chained to a guy is really high-brow stuff! There is absolutely nothing even remotely interesting about this show at all. What kind of useless junk will they think of next. 1
SamIAm (3)
Oh, how I wish I could remain anonymous while rating this show. Yes, I admit I have watched it. In my defense, I caught it while channel surfing on two different occasions. I have not watched it in its entiriety..only when the chooser or picker or whatever and 2 others are left. I can't say it is terrible since it did hold my interest for at least 10 minutes. Not that it is good TV or the participants are very fact I do not know what the heck the appeal is. Will I watch it again? I doubt it..unless I catch it while channel surfing again and nothing else is on. Those sumo wrestler dudes in the "Men In Black" attire disturb me. The fact that these men and women are hooking up with eachother while shackled to a group of others freaks me out a bit and is pretty disgusting. The fact that the chooser pays the fellow contestants is trashy and shallow..This is a combination of "Temptation Island" the "Dating Game" "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" and "Jerry Springer." Basically it is entertainment at the lowest level. But, like I said, it did hold my interest. Which is more of an insult to me than a compliment to the show. 4
Nubian821 (0)
The episode with Andy was horrible. I should rephrase that to Andy was horrible. It was obvious that he was so full of himself that he didn't have time to appreciate the true inner beauty of the woman. And it was even more obvious that Mr. Andy was just out to get laid. However, I am a little upset that the woman would allow such an obvious jerk to bring out some of the emotions that he did. What they should have done is let him know he wasn't all that and most men (as himself) who are so egotistical probably can't last long in bed anyway! 1
smackeyla (0)
If reality is watching some one pick between four people or 10K after four days.....and you don't know the answer.....then you have never dated 0
da2junglekidz (0)
its was a unique show and was very entertaining and i show i will was every week 0
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