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MasturbationGet Rating Widget!

Overall Rating: 3.87 based on 31 ratings

Touching yourself in proper places that form pleasure and orgasm. (Add picture)

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hotel283 (20)
My favorite kind of turbation.2
joshua_01 (1)
why mastebate when i can have my girl do it for me when your partner does it for you it makes it feel so much better just the only thing is your partner will have sticky fingers.1
trebon1038 (51)
Being single in a big scary world, this is most of my sex life...but masturbation is your best teacher. If you know how to please yourself you can better tell your partner. When in relationships with partners who masterbate a lot we had great sex....too bad there were other factors to tear the relationship apart.3
shagerooo (1)
You gotta do, what you gotta do. Probably keeps the peace in some marriages.2
Alexg681 (1)
Infinite stars, doesn't get much better than this!!!1
Skizero (12)
my favorite hobby. all you need is a quiet place and a good imagination. I just had Juliette Huddy during my lunch.2
numbah16tdhaha (136)
TO IJR: eww. Too much info.5
PTRoxieMisha (3)
I have absolutely nothing against it, and it might actually improve a couple's relationship when a woman masturbates and tells her partner where she gets pleasured.3
souljunkie (20)
It has been much more a part of my life in marriage. Kind of sad but that is marriage. Women just dont seem to want to use there imagination after the thrill of dating/romance has past. Nowadays I understand that work and childrearing can get in the way, but I am still frustrated by the lack of work that most women will put into this. I really think they believe that they can judge just how much we will accept as ok. If they are satisfied they dont worry about it until they are in the mood again. And then they wonder why men cheat! It was a very rare occasion when I was a single younger buck. It is extremely hot to watch your partner pleasure themselves. That is when it is at its best. As part of the love games. 1
jazzybee (4)
You can do it any way you want without having to tell anyone to do it right. Good way to tell your partner what you want to have done to you so you can be pleased.2
snoggerboy (0)
Mutual - yeah teach her how...... and she should show you where iys best for her ....yeah!1
Shawldancer83 (0)
need to do it yourself great before you can have another person do it great2
Ninobene (0)
When all else fails...5
minkeydude (31)
I've got to give this a 1 star...right now it's rated higher than vaginal!!0
OrangeCharlie (4)
Alone - Last resort! With Partner - Pretty good!5
JonTheMan (26)
No wait! I'm just improving my technique.5
hendo (0)
Imagine how many wars and conflicts would be avoided if we could get all world leaders to do this a couple of times a day. 6
jred (0)
A great way to start the day.9
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